Is Obama Investing US Blood and Treasure in Afghan Heroin Trafficking?

Recently, Secretary of State, John Kerry, proudly announced the finalizing of the wording for a bilateral US/Afghan agreement obligating the US taxpayer, and our American Military personnel, to 10 more years of security and counter terrorism operations in Afghanistan. That would be Taliban controlled Afghanistan, a country producing 90 percent of the world’s heroin supply.

According to the US Department of State, the terms of the US/Afghan agreement will require our military to maintain an 8000-12,000 member security and counterterrorism training force in Afghanistan until 2024. As part of the US commitment to the peaceful resolution of the Afghan conflict, Obama and John Kerry’s proud poppy growing Afghan cronies will also receive billions of US tax dollars in American stimulus.

troops in poppy field.Apparently, Obama’s “Just War” in Afghanistan—like another just war, the war on drugs—has proven an easy surrender for our government. There is too much demand and too much money to make.

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Perhaps America should ask the Russians what they think of Afghan heroin.

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Russia is a country of 143 million people. Do to years of scarce employment; the Heroin trade in Russia has created an entrenched underclass of Afghan supplied heroin traffickers, and dealers, fueling a very real threat to Russia’s national health.

Because of its growing addiction to intravenous heroin use, Russia now has the highest percentage of HIV infected people in the world. Higher than rates seen in African countries. The World Health Organization estimates close to 1.2 million Russians are HIV positive. All provided by Obama’s partners in Afghanistan; the Taliban and its Afghan council of elders.

For years, Russia has suffered losses of over 40 citizens (ages of 15 to 28) everyday to Taliban heroin consumption, and with it, experienced a substantial degeneration of their culture. Moreover, Russia’s is experiencing obscene growth of other intravenous drug addiction bi-products, child prostitution, sex trafficking and the disintegration of the Russian family.

For those who choose to discount the threat Taliban heroin posses to American national health and security, I offer the following:

In the 1970’s, America experienced substantial increases of South American cocaine supplies. Cocaine trafficking, financed (in part) by our CIA operating out of South and Central America, avoided the public’s attention until the mid 1980’s when entire US cities where infested by a cheap cocaine substitute called crack. This less expense derivative of cocaine overwhelmed America culture, law enforcement, courts, prisons, morgues and funeral homes. A little over a decade later, Mexican Methamphetamine would take its place.

During the last few years, as war waged in Afghanistan, Taliban heroin (somehow) found its way out of a US occupied Afghanistan, across the globe to Mexico, where drug cartels transport it easily through a porous US Southern border to every major city in America. Drug cartels owned and operated by Mexican business magnates washing drug trafficking profits clean through international banking, real estate and cellular communications operations in the United States.

Although our Department of Homeland Security claims US borders are “mostly secure,’” heroin use, Afghan Taliban heroin use, is now at record levels in America. Like the 80’s cocaine to crack explosion, American law enforcement communities are now beginning to report the use of a cheap and highly addictive homemade heroin substitute. Its street name is Krokodil and it is deadly.

Krokodil, an invention of cash strapped unemployed Russian heroin addicts, is made by combining small amounts of Heroin (or locally purchased codeine cough medicine) and gasoline, which is injected into your veins. Here is what you can expect to experience if you can only afford Krokodil. A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words.

Victim of krokodil use
Victim of krokodil use
History shows us, the US government doe not mind clean, and yes, taxable drug money in America. I imagine it can be very useful during our frequent campaigning seasons

In the past, the US government has covertly fueled drug trafficking while spearheading expensive token failures to curb the growth of the multi-trillion dollar global drug trafficking industry. Now, once again, the US government will openly invest in the illicit drug trade and our sons and daughters, proudly serving in the US Military will be working to protect a former enemy, selling death to America, one needle at a time.

If you think, Flint and Detroit look bad, wait until Taliban heroin and Krokodil finds it way to rural Main Street America. We will be burying our noble military, serving global drug cartels, in flag draped coffins, while we bury American kids in rotting pieces.

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