Obama Continues His Violation of the Constitution on Climate Change

President (I use President here only once due to the respect of the office, not the man now there!) Obama has made not just one, but at least 9 actions that had to be overruled by the Supreme Court. No other sitting President has done this, and it brings up many questions about Obama. Now, we are being informed that Obama is going to sign an agreement that would be a run around the very Constitution that Obama swore under Oath to, “…preserve, protect, and defend.” This quote comes directly from the Constitution itself under Article 2, Section 1, Paragraph 8. Given this quote alone, Obama has violated it, and under prior Supreme Court rulings, in particular one case in 1803, it is stated very clearly that should a President ever be deemed un-Constitutional, according to the Supreme Court in Norton v. Shelby County, 118 US 425 p.442;

“An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation; as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”

Now, given this fact of law, it is obvious that when Obama does, in fact, make his Climate Change ideology become law, he is violating the Constitution in a number of ways, and is doing what the founding fathers created the Constitution to stop being done. It would seem to indicate that Obama, who has claimed to be a Constitutional scholar, shows he does not have knowledge of what the Constitution means, much less what he can do according to it.

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Let us take a look at this new ideology of Obama’s as published in a blog from Joe the Plumber, we do remember this man, it is the man that Obama said did not create his job.

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In this article referenced above, it is shown just what the New York Times stated.

“According to the New York Times, which refers to “the established science of man-caused global warming,” the Obama Administration’s plan for avoiding the constitutional requirement for the Senate to ratify any treaty involves taking an already existing, legally enforceable treaty from 1992 and pressuring countries into “voluntarily” making new pledges to reduce carbon dioxide, the stuff humans exhale when they breathe.

The proposal, the Times reports, would “name and shame” countries that don’t go along with Obama’s plan. The political and emotional blackmail is necessary because of those darn Republicans in Congress gumming up the works and keeping Obama’s rubber stamp under lock and key.

“If you want a deal that includes all the major emitters, including the U.S., you cannot realistically pursue a legally binding treaty at this time,” said Paul Bledsoe, a former Clinton staffer.”

Here, we can see that Obama is considering and may well go forward with this idea, since he has the firm belief that, even though Congress denied him, he has the right to make any such law or regulation based upon a very faulty science of the ill-conceived Climate Change theory. Obama is now looking to do just what Congress has legally denied him the needed law to do! That does not stop a man who has studied Karl Marx. No, it rather makes him think he can do as he likes.

Maybe Obama is not who we are led to think he is; just what are his real backgrounds? His inaction, which almost seems to be made with the intent to destroy the United States; his action to apologize to nations for being the most powerful nation; his actions to make the United States weak – all of this could well be brought to focus by showing, without doubt, that Obama is working to destroy the United States…and he is doing a great job, having brought down the middle income and brought more into poverty than any other President in the history of the United States. With all this in mind, let us show once again just where Obama seems to have obtained his ideology about making the United States into a 3rd world nation.

We had the chance to interview one individual who actually sat down and discussed with Obama the idea of having a “Communist Style Revolution” within the United States. This individual later not only changed his mind about being a devout Marxist, but became a very religious man, dismissing his ideas about Marxism and strongly denying that as being the right way to go, something Obama has yet to actually state.

In this interview with Dr. John Drew, we asked the following:

“LP: “How many actual face to face meetings did you have with Obama?”

Dr. Drew: “I never had face to face after Christmas and in Partolo Valley California which is near Stanford. I basically spent the day with him, Chandoo, and Caroline Boss, I was visiting Boss from Cornell where I was studying. I graduated ahead of them but I had come back for the trip to be with Caroline. We hung out with Obama and Chandoo for that day and went out to lunch then we ended up arguing pretty late in the evening about Marxist and politics.
Whether or not there would be a revolution, a Communist style revolution in the United States. The key takeaway there is that I may have been one of the first people in the world to confront Barack Obama’s kind of silly belief, Marxist idea that there was going to be an inevitable Communist revolution coming to the United States. I feel in my heart that I had persuaded him that that wasn’t in the cards and it wasn’t going to happen and at the end of that time he believed me. I think a bunch of us, Marxist Communist style people were turned off by a Communist style revolution I think that Obama would have heard that from someone else eventually, but from his reaction, I think I was the first person that he could identify as an ally, and a friend and supporter who sincerely believes that there would never be a Communist style revolution. That debate I think helped Obama intellectually, but it helped seal the end of my romantic relationship with Marxist.”

The bold print and italic print are from us to show just what Obama’s belief was back then, and now seems to still be burning deep within him. Now, though, if Obama goes forward with this Climate Change ideology, he will be hurting the very people who placed him into office, and it will make for a much worse United States. Although this is not the Communist style revolution he had hoped for, it will be close enough for him to realize his basic ideology from 1980. When questioned about Obama being a student and studying Marxism, it was revealed as the following statement shows.

“LP: “Obama was a student there the whole time?”

Dr. Drew: “Yes he was a student at Occidental College and he was taking classes from Roger Boesche, who was a political theorist on campus. Roger was definitely a Socialist. Most of the students followed him as a Marxist revolutionary, but he was kind of precise with that and did not see himself as a Marxist. I would say that 100% of the students considered him to be a Marxist/Socialist.”

Maybe this is where Obama has obtained the idea that he can rule without Congressional Authority? To be honest, he could be impeached by this action, as shown by the Constitution, but doing that would make it even worse, since we as a nation would then have Joe Biden as President, and he would really be a laughing stock for every nation. So we now face a serious predicament that has few options, and it seems that Obama knows this to be true, as he rather seriously attacks the very Constitution he swore an oath to defend. We still have a Supreme Court that understands the Constitution and laws as they were written, so with that, we as a nation still have a way to shove this wannabe Marxist King back into reality and show him he is a President, not a King!

Now, with all this stated and shown with not just documented works to stand on, but also words directly from Obama’s Administration, we seem to be at a point in this nation’s history to either continue with this very left-leaning Democrat Party that seems to have people within that party aligned with the Socialist/Communist Style of thinking, or to reclaim our roots and bring the Constitution to the front once again in this coming election. It is, after all, up to WE THE PEOPLE, but if we just sit back, complain, and do not go out to vote, our nation will falter as Obama intends. Think on that for a while, because if Obama has his way in November and obtains and keeps the Senate, he will be able to continue on with his ideas from Occidental College to have that Communist Style revolution, and we will lose all our rights, jobs, homes and, most importantly, our freedom. In November, we can either continue on the road to Serfdom, or we can show that we want our freedom. It is our choice, make it wisely!

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