What If Obama Had Been Compelled to Speak the Truth at West Point?

As a plebe at West Point in 1962, I heard General Douglas MacArthur‘s farewell speech to the Corps of Cadets delivered to us from the balcony of the mess hall. Many upperclassmen wept. All of us were deeply moved. Obama’s recent words to the graduating class at West Point, full of duplicity and pandering, contrasted sharply (to say the very least) with those of this great general and genuine American hero. General MacArthur’s subject was Duty, Honor, Country. Obama’s theme was Dereliction, Dishonor, Internationalism.

I began to wonder what Obama’s speech would have sounded like if he, like the fictional compulsive liar Fletcher Reede (Jim Carrey) in the movie “Liar Liar,” suddenly found himself unconsciously compelled to speak the truth about himself and his real intentions. Such a direct and honest speech on Obama’s part would have gone something like this:

Yours is the oldest academy, established in 1802 by Thomas Jefferson, a man whose principles it is most important for me to undermine in order to achieve my Marxist objectives. Jefferson lacked the vision for a New World Order. His staunch defense of individual liberty and his notion that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed are outmoded concepts in this new age of collectivism.

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I have decided that you may retain your motto “Duty, Honor, Country” with the understanding that your primary Duty is to me and my Marxist ideals, and not to the Constitution or to the defense of the people of the United States of America. Already I have purged 200 top military commanders who disagree with my anti-American agenda, and I intend to purge more. You must understand also that true Honor consists in the reward of carrying out my will, ignoring any outdated moral code involving—to use a key phrase from my college days—bourgeois personal integrity.

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As to “Country,” you must no longer think of your homeland as an independent nation, but rather as a pliable entity subordinate to my Marxist objectives, the mandates of the United Nations, and the glory of the New World Order.

I recognize that for this transformation in the meaning of “Country” to take effect, it is essential that our armed forces be thoroughly demoralized. That is why I abolished the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Many of you know that I recently congratulated Michael Sam as the first openly homosexual pro football player to be drafted by the NFL. I was pleased to see ESPN repetitively show footage of Sam and his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano, whose last boyfriend was a homosexual porn star, slobbering over each other’s faces. It is only a matter of time before this kind of shameless public image will include male army officers with their homosexual companions.

Soon, male on male sexual assaults in the military will exceed those of male on female. I foresee the day here at West Point when the superintendent is a male sodomite, and the commandant of cadets, a married lesbian. I have directed that the Cadet Chapel sanctify such sodomy by marriage when desired by the participants. Having ordered that homosexuals be considered a wrongly discriminated-against class, I am directing that a far-reaching and vigorous affirmative action plan be implemented at once to draw as many homosexuals into the Corps of Cadets as possible.

I have boasted to the world many times that we are no longer a Christian nation. This means that you and all the armed forces chaplains will accept sodomy as an approved, even encouraged, sexual activity among your fellow soldiers. It further means that it is not permissible for chaplains to use the name of Jesus in their ministries to the troops. The fact that we are no longer a Christian nation also means that your Cadet Prayer which begins, “O God, our Father, Thou Searcher of human hearts, help us to draw near to Thee in sincerity and truth,” is obsolete. The question here is one of authority, and I will not allow my authority to be usurped through a misguided reverence to the Christian god.

You will leave the interpretations of Scripture to me. For example, if you think when Jesus said “to whom much is given, much is required,” He was speaking to Israel as to what difficulties they must face as the so-called chosen people, you are wrong. I have made it clear that Jesus was urging increased taxation of the rich and the middle class by regimes such as mine.

As Commander-in-Chief, I am directing you to follow the way of Cain. That means you are to consider the words of man, not God, to be the measure of all things. During my keynote speech at the 2004 democratic convention, and often since, I have used a variation of Cain’s words to describe the ultimate goal of my agenda: Through totalitarian government, I will become “my brothers’ and sisters’ keeper;” that is, I will control the people of the United States through NSA spying, IRS intimidation, a compliant Marxist media, and the fostering of complete dependency upon my regime. My policies have already put seven million Americans out of work, and I have caused a quarter of all Americans to become dependent on the government for food. By the end of my second term, that figure will rise to more than half.

When you entered West Point, you swore an oath to protect America “from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” I am changing that to read that you are to “protect all enemies, foreign and domestic, from imperialist America.” In a few days, I will release what many will call the five most dangerous terrorists at Guantanamo in exchange for an army deserter. I have commanded company-grade officers to force the enlisted men who are most familiar with the truth of this situation to sign non-disclosure statements. I will not allow my recounting of events to be contradicted by those who do not support my agenda. When you are ordered to force the signing of non-disclosure statements in other situations that could embarrass me, you will also comply or face courts-martial.

You have been trained here at West Point to confuse and deceive your enemies as to your unit’s true intentions. You should understand then, that lying is a valid tactic in my war against the encroachments of the Tea Party and other far-right groups intent on sabotaging the progress of my collectivist vision. Those who continue to cling to their guns, their Bibles, and their outdated notions of individual liberty, must be stopped, by force if necessary.

I am on record as believing in evolutionism which insists that humanity evolved from worms and reptiles by chance through genetic copying errors in the reproductive genes over millions of years. With this as my ultimate premise, there can be no such thing as a Creator-endowed right, and thus liberty is what I shall define it to be—the right to belong to and obey the Marxist collective with me at its head. I have therefore ordered the academic departments here at the academy, where applicable, to adjust their science teachings to accord with those of the atheist hierarchy of the National Academy of Sciences, both in regard to evolutionism and climatism.

I cannot conclude with a blessing as there is no higher power to bless you or America. I simply remind you of my greatness and my power, and expect you to keep that in mind throughout your careers in my service. Congratulations on your commissioning into my army.

The gap between MacArthur’s dedication and Obama’s dereliction is far wider than I am able to elucidate here. Perhaps it is best expressed by the fact that General MacArthur lived by his own adage, “In war, there is no substitute for victory,” while Obama by his words and actions tells us that in the war on terror, there is no substitute for defeat.

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