Obama Claims US Will Be Judged On Climate Change, Not His Administration’s Immorality & Trampling Of The Law

In one of my previous articles, Obama to strap US with more costs to fund his new climate change vision, I pointed out that Obama was using scientific data that was inconclusive at best to force legislation, through abuse of executive order, aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions. While some believe greenhouse gas emission effects are a myth as evidence by scientific data, others swear greenhouse gas emissions produced by man-made industry is changing the climate and warming the globe while also pointing to scientific data. Despite the inability of the scientific community to use the scientific method to produce consistent, repeatable results thereby not proving or disproving any theory, Obama has stated, as reported by The Blaze, Americans would be judged by what we do to combat climate change threat and urged Americans to refrain from voting for any politicians who do not vow to protect future generations.

In his weekly address, the President stated:

“Decades of carefully reviewed science tells us our planet is changing in ways that will have profound impacts on the world we leave to our children. Already, we know that the 12 warmest years in recorded history have all come in the last 15, and that last year was the warmest in American history.”

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“If you agree with me, I’ll need you to act. Educate your classmates and colleagues, your family and friends. Speak up in your communities. Remind everyone who represents you, at every level of government, that there is no contradiction between a sound environment and a strong economy – and that sheltering future generations against the ravages of climate change is a prerequisite for your vote.”

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“We will be judged – as a people, as a society, and as a country – on where we go from here. The plan I have put forward to reduce carbon pollution and protect our country from the effects of climate change is the path we need to take. And if we remember    what’s at stake – the world we leave to our children – I’m convinced that this is a challenge that we will meet.”

Per the Blaze, “Obama’s address comes in the midst of his new push to combat pollution and prepare for the effects of changing climate, including setting first-ever limits for new and existing power plants on greenhouse gas emissions. He said those already feeling the effects of climate change ‘don’t have time to deny it, they’re busy dealing with it,’ including firefighters with longer wildfire seasons and farmers with wilting and washed out crops.”

Obama claims this nation will not be judged on how its government has continued to trample individual God-given rights, attempted to redefine the meaning of family and marriage, push through faulty legislation by enacting laws outside its enumerated powers, target conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, spend lavishly without accountability, etc. ; but, this nation will be judged on our response to combating climate change. Excuse me, but show me any other nation who is more concerned about climate change than helping build and sustain their economy to employ their people, provide for their nation’s defense, and/or address the issues above and I’ll show you the cockroach I have that weaves silk. What is most offensive is saying to the people “sheltering future generations against the ravages of climate change is a prerequisite for your vote.” Personally, I don’t need anyone to tell me how to vote as climate change is the least of my worries if I can’t pay bills, receive quality healthcare of my choice, and worst of all, have a tyrannical government stamping out my freedoms.

It seems to me the Obama war on coal and oil has begun. The question I have is “what renewable energy or green energy is going to replace the coal and oil that we have?” Better yet are the questions, “in retrofitting our power plants, what is the cost, who is going to pay for it and how much are electricity, gas and other products going to increase?” Many Americans have a difficult time now paying their bills, some cannot pay them at all and jobs are scarce. How are a people scrambling to make ends meet at every turn going to afford the increases this may bring?

The left will certainly call those of us looking at practicality versus ideology “environmental racists” or uncaring about the environment or climate change. I can deal with that. Environment is important as the world is a large eco-system with many sub-systems interacting upon one another. As the system is ever changing, no one individual can account for all factor involved to definitively say how one truly impacts another. So, to put in place measures designed to “protect our country from the ravages of climate change” without any definitive, conclusive evidence, is wasteful of the taxpayer dollars and outside the enumerated powers of the government. Not to mention, the environment here in America is affected by environment in China as they are the largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions. How do we stop that Obama?

Well, I guess I’ll trek myself outside, hook up a windmill and place 40 bicycles attached to everything I need to operate to do my part for “climate change.” After I’m done with that, I’ll climb up on the roof of the house to install some solar panels and batteries to store that energy on cloudy, rainy days. Looks like I may have to sell my car and get a horse and buggy to make the trip to work. Work? Hey Obama, write my employer and tell them there is no way that I can work now as I am too busy helping stop the ravages of climate change. Yeah, like all that’s really gonna happen.

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