The Obama Administration has put its full support behind the "It Gets Better" project, even devoting a specific section of the website to the Project.

That's right the people's website, along with the occupant of the White House is openly endorsing homosexuality as normal. You'll recall that the "It Gets Better" project is led by openly homosexual Dan Savage and as I reported the other day, Mr. Savage is one of the biggest bullies. In fact, if you don't think so and you think Mr. Savage is just this nice guy, please watch this video. I'm not going to even embed it here as it is so perverse and full of hate. But just note the way Dan goes after Rick Santorum, even attacking the man's name with disgusting perverted definitions. If that isn't bullying, I don't know what is.

So why is the Obama administration backing such a vulgar, perverted bully? Well, just like most liberals they want to push an agenda. The website brings up several links involving "It Gets Better."

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In June 2011, Savage and his partner attended the White House and got nice and cozy with Vice-President Joe Biden, as well as, others.

So now it appears that the Obama administration is perfectly ok with not only homosexuality, but it's ok with promoting the biggest bully from fraudulent anti-bully campaign.

In case you are one that supports homosexuality and teaching in schools that it is ok and normal and should be accepted, Dan Savage is a man who is pushing for that type of "education" to be taught to your children. Is this what you really want? Do you really want this man allowed to push his deviant agenda, which is not anti-bullying, but is really an all out attack on the family, marriage, human sexuality, God, the Bible and the values that most people in our land would hold dear.

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