Every day I get more upset about our groovy, hippie, antichrist president. You know, it's against the law for someone to break the law. It's called aiding and abetting when someone helps someone break the law. Obama giving waivers to Obamacare is not within his authority. In fact, Congress offering to give waivers is also not in their authority. So, Obama has committed a criminal act.

Obama-shhHowever, instead of impeaching (never mind Syria or Benghazi yet), they play games trying to entice him to break the law again by giving waivers to everyone. He knows he broke the law. He also knows they don't have the votes to impeach (how corrupt everything is), but he also can't revoke the waivers because that is an admission of guilt.

Democrats are in league, because there is not one who shouts out, never minds accuses. The only ones who even say 'boo' are the conservatives. But even here, there is not much outcry against him breaking the law.

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The reason why they wanted Obama to delay implementation is the statutory deadline. If it lapsed, law nullified. We never heard that argument except from one Betsy McCaughey. So Obamacare is not the same as the law passed. And the law upheld by by the Supreme Court is not the same as the law passed (they passed a fine, Roberts upheld a tax). And the law passed is illegal because it originated in the Senate, not the House (it's a tax, according to the Supreme Court).

That doesn't even take into account that the law is onerous, punitive, arbitrary, and not what was promised. That doesn't even take into account that people believe the ACA provided free healthcare. It doesn't. It provided access... Very expensive access. Insurance for preexisting conditions costs money. All the ACA did was force insurance companies to accept these people. Now the people are forced to accept a plan or else pay an ever-increasing fine. A very expensive plan or a fine. Enforced through the IRS. Not voluntary, not free, not even good.

Not only that, but the exchange "system" proposed does not work. The computer code for the federal website is so fouled up that experts believe it was put together on a whim, if not intentionally so. It will take years to rewrite the code. It would be better to start from scratch, if one even had such inclination, which one should not. However, just because the website doesn't work doesn't mean the NSA isn't counting keystrokes and taking all your information. While application is an epic fail for users, the spying continues. All information, it says on the website, may be shared with law enforcement. No more HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Your history as enemy of the state is now volunteered by you, under coercion and threat of fine or jail.

This is where we're at. President Nutcase keeps breaking the law, the Democrats keep aiding and abetting, and the Republicans seem like they don't want to call a crime a crime. Only the Tea Party has enough radicalism and guts to call out anything at all.

Meanwhile, amnesty is coming, civil war, more debt, more foreign intervention, more corruption, more cartel violence, no justice on Benghazi, no investigations on Fast and Furious, and no investigation into where the money went. Did it go to the foreign banks or the IMF, or both?

We are ruled by the Mafia.

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