Obama Blasts GOP: Opposition To Obamacare is Their Holy Grail

America was forged through the American Revolution, maintained during the War of 1812, challenged during the War of Northern Aggression, strengthened during World Wars I and II, weakened through the Korean Police Action, Vietnam Battles, Operation Desert Storm and various skirmishes in Iran, Afghanistan and other areas in the Middle East. But, America faces destruction in the form of healthcare and economic collapse with Obamacare. While three GOP Senators are trying to stop this monstrous healthcare legislation by calling for shut down of the federal government, Obama has accused these Senators of “preventing 30 million people from getting health care their Holy Grail.”

While Obama was on yet another “campaign” trail promoting his rhetoric, he portrayed the Republican Party as being “unified” in the goal to stop Obamacare.

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According to the Daily Caller:

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Threatening to shut down government “is hard to understand as an agenda that is going to strengthen our middle class… [and] there’s not even a pretext now they’re going to replace it with something better,” Obama said.

Republican Sens. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Marco Rubio are calling on the GOP to stop funding the federal government after September unless Obama agrees to shut down his signature accomplishment, Obamacare.

The three Senators are competing to boost their support among the GOP’s base, which deeply dislikes Obama’s takeover of the nation’s health care sector. The issue is especially important for Rubio, whose support among GOP primary voters has fallen after he backed the pending immigration expansion.

Obama has accused Cruz, Lee and Rubio of trying to prevent Americans from getting health care, calling it their “Holy Grail.” In a recent article on Freedom Outpost, several health insurance companies have chosen to opt out of Obamacare in some states with some not participating in certain states at all. In particular, Aetna will cease offering individual coverage to 50,000 insured individuals leaving them without health care insurance coverage. Aetna cited the compliance with the mandated coverage regulations versus the premiums charged as resulting in an inability to turn a profit and maintain the standard of customer service it has provided it’s beneficiaries over the years. An article also on Freedom Outpost reported Congress has “exempted” themselves of purchasing their health care through the Obamacare exchanges and will continue to receive their benefits through the Federal Employees Healthcare Benefit Plan (FEHBP). Earlier this summer, Congress and staffers threatened to leave Washington due to the cost of the premiums for individual and family coverage.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that this entire piece of legislation is unconstitutional, and the key words are “Obama’s takeover of the nation’s health care sector.” Evidence abounds of Obama’s skill at governance and guiding the nation: Benghazi, Fast and Furious, expanded NSA unconstitutional spying on Americans, infiltration of Muslim Brotherhood in key government positions, numerous IRS scandals, incitement of social, class and race warfare, and an ever increasing national deficit. It appears as though anything Obama touches or attempts to govern blows up in spades at America’s expense. His silver tongue can lick the clouds to paint them shiny, but when it comes right down to it, it’s hollow, empty “campaign” rhetoric extended to garner support of ignorant and stupid Americans. He knows how to do nothing except talk “trash” and hypnotize the ignorant stupid into believing lies.

The Daily Caller report continues:

But nearly all other establishment Republican figures oppose this high stakes strategy.

The defund government argument is opposed by Oklahoma conservative Sen. Tom Coburn, for example, who claims Obamacare won’t be affected by a shutdown.

It is also opposed by Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions and other conservative activists, who say it distracts the base’s recess-time attention from a more important and winnable campaign to stop Obama’s push for an unpopular influx of low-skill, Democratic-leaning immigrants.

Establishment Republicans also oppose the plan to defund government, saying it strengthens Obama’s clout during budget negotiations in the fall, and damages the GOP’s standing among swing-voters prior to the 2014 mid-term election and the 2016 presidential election.

Obamacare “is bad for the economy, it’s bad for people’s insurance… [but] shutting down the government is not the way,” said Ari Fleischer, a top consultant to the Republican National Committee. Cruz “needs to bring it back and be reasonable [because] it is a mistake for Republicans to pursue,” Fleischer told CNN after Obama’s press conference.

But the three Senators continue to push the issue publicly.

In a statement released Monday, Cruz called for a grassroots effort to fight Obamacare. In his weekly “Freedom Minute” August 5 audio segment, Cruz said, “We need to activate another grassroots army – this time on a national scale. In September, Congress will have the opportunity to defund Obamacare – the disastrous health care law, which is killing jobs and hurting the health care system [and] the only way we can win this debate is if the American people rise up and demand it,” he said.

Here we are back in the land of tit for tat. One side says shutting down the government won’t affect Obamacare, but would ruin GOP chances for reelection if the immigration issue isn’t addressed and strengthen Obama in budget negotiations. The other side says shut down the government and shut down Obamacare. Personally, it should all be shut down and brought back in line with our founding document – the US Constitution. Usurpers in all branches of government (federal, state and local) should be removed and replaced along with anyone who considers themselves a Communist, Socialist, Marxist or Muslim Brotherhood supporter and advocates multiculturalism. While we are at it, we can evict the United Nations as their lease should have been terminated a while back.

How about Washington quit acting like the law is written in stone. If they want to consider any laws written in stone, how about treating the US Constitution as written in stone, instead of continued failed legislation after failed legislation. The public doesn’t trust the IRS in its current function, much less the administration of Obamacare. Congress is having doubts about the IRS’s ability to manage Obamacare. So, where is the common sense that should prevail to throw this unconstitutional piece of crap in the garbage where it belongs?

Common sense would also dictate that solving the issue of health care for Americans should be a collaborative effort on the part of the health care community, individuals, the states and the health care insurance companies. However, politics reigns supreme at every turn in any endeavor as someone always wants to grease their own palm. There would be no true compromise; only one side giving into another which would not solve the issue.

It doesn’t matter if this healthcare law is some kind of “signature accomplishment.” A “signature accomplishment” of a failure piece of law like this tells anyone with half a brain that its namesake is just like the law – a miserable failure.

However, none of this has anything to do with providing health care for the masses, controlling immigration, stimulating the economy or upholding individual liberty and maintaining our republic. It is about exerting total control over the people. This is about instituting “mob rule” of the ignorant stupid over the informed intelligent in order to strip away freedom and liberty to move closer to dictatorship. It’s about polarizing America into factions at odds with one another so no joint effort to reign in a lawless administration can occur. An almost perfect example is Congress.

Obama is already acting like a “king” lording over his subjects and “council” (Congress). He is looking for an opportunity to make it legitimate.

While it may appear Congress is not listening, America cannot give up. Contact your Senators and Representatives to let them know Obamacare is not wanted, is unconstitutional and action needs to be taken to rid this country of that atrocious piece of legislation.

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