Obama, Biden, Rice and Queer Foreign Policy

In case you missed it, “sodomite rights” and protecting the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community was one of America’s “toughest foreign policy challenges,” according to National Security Adviser Susan Rice. Following on the heels of Rice, Joe Biden, the occupant of the Vice President seat, it was announced that President Barack Hussein Obama has instructed US diplomats to “press for more international acceptance of gay rights.” Biden’s rationale for this move is that the mark of a civilized nation rests in its support of the LGBT community.

According to the Washington Times, Biden, in his speech to political leaders, stated, “[Gay Rights] are the civil rights issue of our day” and any “civilized country” should consider it a core duty to protect the LGBT community from persecution.

Biden remarked, “I don’t care what your culture is. An inhumanity is an inhumanity is an inhumanity.”

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It’s a pity our nation’s leaders don’t see the inhumanity in female genital mutilation, the beheading of those who refuse to follow Islam, the kidnapping and murdering of Christian girls in Nigeria, the persecution of a Christian woman and her children because of her renouncement of Islam, the brutal punishments under Sharia law or the marriage of female children to grown men. No, those things pale in comparison to the persecution suffered by the LGBT community throughout the world according to Biden and Rice. The basic human rights violations against women occurring around the world are of no consequence to these two individuals.

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Biden, in his speech on Tuesday evening, highlighted the Lithuanian government’s move to follow the same legislative path as Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, in enacting laws and penalties for homosexual behavior in public. He also took issue with the ban on homosexual acts that are part of 80 countries legal system. Naturally, Biden praised the US for the direction it was taking on this issue. He contends that change is being made in America because more and more members of the LGBT community were gaining courage to stand up.

If Biden’s comments weren’t incredulous enough, the statement made by Susan Rice would leave anyone confounded and scratching their head.

Rice said in a statement earlier, “Governments are responsible for protecting the rights of all citizens and it is incumbent upon the state, and on each of us, to foster tolerance and to reverse the tide of discrimination.”

Rice’s statement sounds good on the surface, but looking deeper at it, this statement serves no purpose except to empower the belief that the LGBT community suffers discrimination, intolerance, and rights violations.

It would benefit many of Americans for the government to list what rights of the LGBT community are being violated. Obviously, these citizens have the right to free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly so that’s not being violated. However, their over-zealous attempts to make the rest of America believe they do not infringes on these same rights of Americans who disagree with their stance. Just ask Colorado baker Jack Phillips about his free exercise of religion when it comes to his profession and right to conduct business. Those who speak out against homosexual acts, not the homosexual person, are defamed and paraded as homophobic or worse. Those who worry for the immortal soul of homosexuals and potential death of homosexuals at the hands of the followers of Islam are portrayed as “calling for the death of homosexuals” and hating homosexuals. That’s what has happened to Bradlee Dean when MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow decided to defame his character with a twisted edit of his comments regarding Muslims and homosexuals. And let’s not forget the violation of the rights of women and female children with laws governing the use of public restroom facilities by transgender individuals enacted by some states.

One can see how the rights of LGBT individuals are being violated by the general public in America (sarcasm).

LGBT individuals have the right to bear arms; the right to be secure in their person, effects and home – free from unreasonable search and seizure; the right not to have government quarter soldiers in their home; the right from being a witness against oneself; the right to habeas corpus and to confront witnesses; and, the right to due process along with all other rights endowed to them by the Creator. They have the privilege of voting, driving a vehicle, owning a home, employment, starting businesses and education – just as everyone else. So, this community and the US government need to declare where the discrimination, intolerance and rights violations are occurring. From what many see in America, it is the LGBT community who insists on violating the rights of others over some perceived notion of persecution.

This group’s biggest complaint has been the recognition of marriage between same sex couples. Activists for this group cry discrimination because laws do not recognize same sex “marriage.” It boils down to nothing but having a same sex union recognized for the purpose of receiving spousal and/or dependent benefits, including death and inheritance benefits. This group wants their “civil unions” or “common law” habitation recognized by the states and the federal government for benefit purposes, not only for government spousal benefits but private industry spousal benefits as well.

They scream intolerance because of Christian teachings against homosexual sin. Christians are proclaiming love and concern for the individual while condemning the sin. This action is what this group labels intolerance. The intolerance is not for the individual but for the sin, but liberal activists and the LGBT group continually equate intolerance for the sin as intolerance for the individual. It plays into a strategy to silence opposition as who wants to be subjected to the terms “racist,” homophobic or “haters.”

While many people may disagree with that assessment, it is their right to do so. However, what rights are being violated against the LGBT community? What sort of discrimination is being seen against this group? There will be no list forthcoming from government or the LGBT community, only name-calling against those who dare to question their rhetoric.

If Rice, Biden and the LGBT community actually believed in upholding the rights of citizens, they would not be so quick to violate the rights of others. Furthermore, it is not up to the United States to tell other countries what laws they should and should not have based upon the skewed perception of a special interest group. The United States should stand up for violations of human rights and violations of individual God-given rights, not promote violations of individual rights through the declaration of a protected sect of humanity.

The foreign policy of this administration is more than failed; it is incompetent. Placing the so-called “rights” of the LGBT community into the arena of foreign policy further shows the ineptitude of the US government leadership. US citizens do not want other countries telling us what laws we should and should not have. What makes our government think they have the right to tell other countries what laws they should or should not enact when it comes to homosexual acts?

However, if God-given, individual rights and basic human rights are being violated in other countries, it is America and her government who should support freedom and liberty by condemning these violations. As has been witnessed, our government is not speaking out against these violations. In fact, our elected officials pose for photo-ops with those who violate basic human rights, especially against females, violate religious freedom and condemn individual rights. America’s government supports foreign governments who condone and perpetrate human rights violations, especially against women, children and young girls. Is it any wonder the US government would support the violation of actual rights of individuals in favor of perceived violations by a special group?

Where is the real discussion on violations of human and individual rights? That’s right, there isn’t one and never will be as the LGBT community does not suffer from any violations but want to pretend they have in order to push their agenda on others. They care not for individual rights or basic human rights, only their agenda. This community does not speak out against the atrocious human rights violations occurring worldwide.

They might think differently if they were truly enslaved, had their genitals mutilated or were stripped of their real freedoms and rights. When that happens, then the LGBT community can shout “violations of rights” all they want. Until then – shut up!

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