Obama and Others Said Iraq Had No Chemical Weapons?

We have been led to believe that Iraq had no chemical weapons and that both wars were just to show our nations power. At least, that is Obama’s and other Pacifists’ idea. While some would state that no chemical weapons were in Iraq, they now would cringe at the idea that the weapons were there and the CIA bought them to ensure that the Islamic terrorists would not get their hands on them. We can all hope that the CIA got all the weapons because if they did not, ISIS will surely use them against us in the near future. With Obama backpedaling away from any direct confrontation with ISIS, they could discover any weapons that the CIA might have missed and use that against the Free world.

But let us take this on further to see just what did happen. In 2005, the CIA conducted Operation Avarice and continued into 2006 to obtain as much of the chemical weapons that they could buy up or find. The CIA found what was described as 400 Borak Rockets, one of the types of rockets for chemical uses. It was these types of chemicals that many said did not exist and that have been sold to the highest bidder, which, thankfully, was the CIA. These rockets were produced by none other than Saddam Hussein and his Baathist government back in the 1980’s, but they were not seen by the United Nations inspections mandated after the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

These rockets were in Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War and, had they been used, could have killed many more of our troops. Our nation should be grateful they were not used against them during the war, as they were not recovered until 2005 and 2006. This could have had a disastrous affect upon our troops—not to mention our ability to fight. But the 203rd Military Intelligence Battalion found these rockets and destroyed them. Most were found in poor condition and some were found to contain the chemical Sarin, which was proven to be much purer than they expected.

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President Obama was very quick to dismiss the Persian Gulf War, and he was also quick to state that no chemical weapons were found. But we do know that Obama lies about most things and cannot be believed when he speaks, since no one knows for sure if he is lying or just misinformed. No matter, it was revealed in an article from the New York Times that these Weapons of Mass Destruction were destroyed by the CIA and our Military.

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In this article from the New York Times, it is shown that what President Bush stated was not just true, but was shown to be accurate in the types of chemicals found within these rockets that the United Nations thought were not in Iraq.

The following is a direct show of what was written in the New York Times about these Weapons of Mass Destruction, weapons that Obama and many others would want us to believe never existed.


Aaron Stein, an associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, said the belated acknowledgment of a chemical-rocket purchases, as well as the potentially worrisome laboratory analysis of the related sarin samples, raised questions about the military’s commitment to the well-being of those it sent to war.

“If we were aware of these compounds, and as it became clear over the course of the war that our troops had been exposed to them, why wasn’t more done to protect the guys on the ground?” he said, “It speaks to the broader failure.”

The first purchase under Operation Avarice, according to veterans and officials familiar with the effort, occurred in early September 2005, when an Iraqi man provided a single Borak. The warhead presented intelligence analysts with fresh insight into a longstanding mystery.

During its war against Iran in the 1980s, Iraq had fielded multiple variants of 122-millimeter rockets designed to disperse nerve agents.

The Borak warheads, which are roughly 40 inches long and attach to a motor compatible with the common Grad multiple rocket launcher system, were domestically produced. But no clear picture ever emerged of how many Iraq manufactured or how many it fired during the Iran-Iraq war.

In confidential declarations in the 1990s to the United Nations, Iraq gave shifting production numbers, up to 18,500. It also claimed to have destroyed its remaining stock before international inspectors arrived after the Persian Gulf War.

This happens to be the best documented proof that these Weapons of Mass Destruction did in fact exist and were in Iraq, totally opposite to what many, including Obama, had stated. Many stood up and said they had none of these weapons and that the war was done, not to get rid of these weapons, but to satisfy the United States’s quest for power. Now that this has proven to be false, few of the main stream media show this story because it means the war was just and done to eliminate a serious threat to world peace.

We now face a monster across the Middle East in the rise of ISIL, ISIS, or whatever they wish to be called. Obama has not stated this fact that the New York Times has shown because Obama does not wish to be proven wrong and that, in and of itself, is wrong. Our nation, along with the world, is in dire need of strong leadership to deal with this new threat of ISIS, but Obama is the weakest president of all time. He has given oil rich lands to Russia, he has backed away from danger at every turn, and he is much more interested in playing Golf than doing his Constitutional duty as President.

We also have a very Cowardly Congress, as they have not forced any action upon Obama for his attacks upon the very Constitution he was supposed to uphold, preserve, and defend. Obama has done much more than Nixon, but Congress is cowardly, allowing him to continue. In all of this, we have to state that if the world had known of these weapons during the war, they would have made for interesting articles. Like most of our information that has to be kept secret until we have secured the problems, what is revealed later has an impact that shows what was done was true and accurate.

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