Obama Administration Hypocrisy: Focuses on Religion for Murder of Muslims but Not for Murder of Egyptian Christians!

Fox News reporter Ed Henry noticed an important moment of Obama Hypocrisy this past week when the administration chose to invoke religion when discussing the murder of three Muslim UNC students, but not to mention religion when the Islamic State murdered 21 Egyptian Christians a few days later. While normally we might just let something like this go as an accident or oversight, in this case, we can't. This is just another example of the semantic word games that the Obama administration (and to a lesser extent, liberals) continue to play.

It's almost as though they don't trust Americans with straightforward truth. Do they believe if they report what is happening with honest language that Americans will react violently and act out the liberals' "Islamophobic" nightmare scenarios? I mean, they are constantly talking about the dangers of Islamophobia – they must think that if they're honest with us that American will explode in violence against Muslims. That's the only explanation I can come up with…

Anyway, watch as Josh Earnest fumbles trying to explain what he obviously has no answer for…

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Ed Henry: And in that statement (About 21 Egyptian Civilians being killed by ISIS) — that's what I want to ask you because you put it out under your name — you talked about the murder of 21 citizens and I'm curious why didn't you mention it was 21 Christians killed by Muslims? Is that relevant? 

Josh Earnest: It sure is because the ISIL — the ISIL extremists who carried out this attack indicated that the reason they were killing them wasn't just because they were Egyptian but also because they were Christian. And I think the president has been very clear that it is — you know, the president talked about this actually in his prayer breakfast speech that he gave earlier this month. That there's a responsibility of people of all faiths to stand up and speak out when individuals try to use faith and distort faith to try to justify the act of violence.

Ed Henry: Given that then why were you not clear on Sunday? Why not under your name? Why didn't you say 21 Christians were killed?

Josh Earnest: Well, Ed, I try to be clear here. I can't account for that specific line in the statement but we have been clear there that we condemn this murder. The president was clear in the op-ed that was published today and on a variety of occasions I think I have been pretty clear here that we condemn the outrageous killing of these Egyptian citizens because of their Christian faith.

Ed Henry: Two days earlier on the 13th you put out a statement under the president's name about the tragic deaths of the three Muslim students at the University of North Carolina and in there the president said, "no one in the United States of America should ever be targeted because of who they are and what they look like or how they worship."

Why was their Muslim faith relevant in that statement?

Josh Earnest: Well, Ed, I think that as we've indicated the situation in North Carolina is still under investigation. And local law enforcement authorities there are trying to determine exactly what the motivation of the individual that has been charged with this crime was. And so that's still under investigation.

But what is clear is that there is this principle that exists regardless of the faith of the individual in question that people should not be targeted because of their religion and what they look like or what their last name is or how they worshiped. That is true —

Ed Henry: Is there any evidence in the North Carolina case that they were targeted because they were Muslims?

Josh Earnest: This is still something that's under —

Ed Henry: They said it was over a parking space. We don't know. It's a local investigation right now, as you've said. So why was their faith invoked in the president's statement?

Josh Earnest: Well, Ed, I think it is important for the president in this case as he has in many others to articulate a pretty clear principle and I think that it's the kind of principle that the vast majority of Americans should be able to support. Which is that people should not regardless of their faith be targeted because of what their last name is, what they look like or how they worship.

Ed Henry: We don't know that they were targeted because of their last name or their faith. 


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