A new Obama presidential campaign ad says it is because of the "grit and sacrifice of Michigan workers." This is an incredibly shameful ad as we all know it was tax dollars that were hard at work to bailout the auto industry. Those tax dollars came from the grit and sacrifice of the American people at large, not just Michigan workers.

I, for one stand, with each of the Republican candidates and say that they should have managed things better. They should have been left to deal with their own problems without resulting to having their hands out for money that comes from the taxpayer. Tell me small business man or woman, does the government lend their ear to you and drop money into your bank account if you ask for it because you were a poor manager of your money? I don't think so. On top of that, the fact that Obama takes credit for bailing out auto companies with our money really shows the utter arrogance of the man.

This is how liberals view charity. They view charity as giving away other people's money in order to make themselves feel good and they do it at the point of a gun. They force us to pay obscene taxes by threatening jail, then they decide to do with it what they desire to make themselves look good and to get re-elected.

They will even quote the Bible as President Obama did at the national prayer breakfast and so distort what they quote that it is not even recognizable when you read it in the context it was actually written in. In the future, Mr. Obama should maybe consider another section of Scripture, "Thou shalt not steal."

The Constitution does not give the government permission to be charitable with tax money. It just doesn't. People should be charitable with what they have, but that should be voluntary on their parts. What they have is theirs, not someone else's to do with what they want to.

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