Obama Acts Like His Tax Plan Is the Only Gig In Town

Yesterday Barack Obama made remarks in a visit to Rodon Group Manufacturing Facility in Hatfield Pennsylvania that demonstrate that he has no intention of making a deal with Republicans and thinks that his tax plan, commonly referred to as the 'fiscal cliff,' is the only solution to the problem.

As he addressed the people in Pennsylvania, Obama said:

The Senate has already passed a bill to keep income taxes from going up on middle-class families. That’s already passed the Senate. Your member of Congress like Allyson and Chaka, other Democrats in the House, they're ready to go. They're ready to vote on that same thing. And if we can just get a few House Republicans on board, we can pass the bill in the House. It will land on my desk, and I am ready -- I've got a bunch of pens ready to sign this bill.

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The problem is that Obama did not mention what the House did back in August. That's right, they have already passed legislation that would extend the Bush era tax cuts on income, capital gains and dividends through 2013. In fact, there was bi-partisan support for it as 20 Democrats joined with Republicans to have a 256-171 vote.

Granted the vote was before the election and obviously some Democrats wanted it to gain political points for the move. However, why is this not being mentioned? Politico reported:

The bill has no chance of advancing in the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats who passed their own bill last week that would only extend the breaks for individuals earning less than $200,000 and married couples making less than $250,000.

Oh that's why! In case anyone missed it, it's because of Democrats in control of the Senate and the fact that they do not want to deal fairly with all Americans. They are hell bent to make, in their words, the rich pay "their fair share," all the while, the rich are paying their fair share.

When the House and Senate are at loggerheads and the President is giving the marching orders to the Senate, well then it is no wonder that Speaker John Boehner said that when it comes to the fiscal cliff talks, "no substanitive progress" has been made.

So what is to be done? My suggestion for Republicans is to follow Grover Norquist's advice and get these fiscal cliff talks on C-SPAN, not behind closed doors where things can be manipulated afterwards by the Democrats. We are a free society and this doesn't involve national security. In fact, this entire issue involves us and should be as transparent as possible, but I'm not holding my breath that Obama or the Senate Democrats will allow for these talks to be televised.

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