Amidst a firestorm of threats against liberty from both sides of the aisle in Washington with such proposals as SOPA and PIPA along with the recently signed ACTA by the President which is far worse than either of the previous bills mentioned, we now are being warned by those in the know, mainly General Keith Alexander (NSA), that the infamous group Anonymous may soon take down the US power grid.

Alexander hasn't come out and said they have the capability just yet, he does there is an emerging ability by cyber attackers to disable or even damage networks. We already have seen the governments complete and utter inability to stop Anonymous from shutting down such websites as, the US Department of Justice, FBI, Motion Picture Association of America and a handful of others in previous weeks in response to the shutdown of several online file sharing companies.

Michael Tanj from writes that taking down the US power grid would be a lot more difficult than a simple website. This is due to the fact that most of the systems that run the power grid are proprietary operating systems and applications and thus would require intimate knowledge of the software, extensive training on it and more than likely hands on experience.

This then brings up the question: If it is in fact so difficult to breach the power grid, why does NSA even put it out as a warning? It would take much more than a group of hackers to achieve this. It would take an entire other nation, or even the NSA itself.

It appears that NSA is in fact taking advantage of this small threat and using it to push for its introduction of the $100 million program called Perfect Citizen, which is touted as a “system to monitor vital agencies and private utilities against cyberthreats. “ However, we all know that even the best intentions of government are always turned into tyrannical tools against its citizens.

Anonymous has yet to be caught. They have yet to even be identified. With all of the “intelligence” that we as a nation can acquire, how can this be? Is our government this incompetent that they cannot stop a few hackers? Really? It is the same government that told us there were WMDs in Iraq though and they even took pictures of them, had CIA agents in the vicinity and yet somehow those sneaky Iraqis got away with WMDs before our troops could get in there to find them.

It is hard to trust your government when your government should be able to deal with these types of things, but instead of dealing with them they use them as fear propaganda in order to manipulate the people and the legislature to nip just a bit further at the Constitution and the freedoms that law abiding citizens of the United States enjoy.

In late January a Youtube video (shown below) was posted via the Anonymous account, which they denied posting. Is it possible the Feds have hacked the account and posted it for them?

Before you call me a conspiracy theorist and write me off, just remember it was our own government who came up with fake terrorist plots back in the 1960's called Operation Northwoods and though unclassified is open to the public, if the public has the stomach to see what is actually going on behind the closed doors in Washington.

Who could really pull of such a feat? Who is completely set up to do all of this and more? It appears obvious if one just reads between the lines. The operation that currently has the know how and capability is none other than the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM, led by General Keith B. Alexander.

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