Noxious Gas Billows from the White House – A Response to Obama’s Syria Speech

Much against my better judgment and at great personal / emotional expense last night, I sat through the President’s speech re: our potential involvement in Syria. When he left the podium I was experiencing flashbacks of a current TV commercial for one of the satellite based TV programming providers; the one where the young girl tells the salesman at the door: “Use your words.”

Whatever message the Dip-Stick-in-Charge (DSIC – Barack Obama) was trying to convey, it came across like the salesman in that commercial; what we in the communications business would call “garble.”

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, Over. For the record, my wife does not stay in the same room with me when I force myself to endure such self-abuse.

Early on in his speech, the DSIC said that the people of Syria simply wanted “…to live in peace with dignity and freedom,” at which point I shouted back at him: “And just what do you think We The People Want?”

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The following is addressed to the speaker.

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Peace? The last time this nation was so divided we called it the American Civil War – thanks to you Mr. Dip-Stick. Dignity? My ancestors would walk off into the wilderness to die at peace with Mother Nature rather than to be a burden on their families and their communities and my parents and my generation would rather starve to death than ask for assistance from anyone (much less the government) while YOU, Mr. Dip-Stick, have solicited and encouraged more people to depend on government welfare and food stamps than did The Great Depression of the 1930s. Freedom? Your regime has passed a reported THIRTY THOUSAND (30,000) new laws and regulations IN THIS TERM ALONE; strangling the very breath out of a once proud and free people. My grandmother, God rest her soul, would have charged the podium with a bar of soap to wash your mouth out for speaking such things in light of your record.

In your speech, you stated, “Russia is willing to join the international community…” Really Mr. Dip-Stick? Vladimir Putin, whom I have suggested should run for President of this country, has never been “willing to join” anything or anyone. He is a leader, but then I don’t expect you to recognize leadership since you have none and damned sure do not allow any such contamination to get near you.

Furthermore, you then stated that you had “…asked Congress to delay taking a vote” in order to give diplomacy, led by Vladimir Putin, a chance to succeed. Really Mr. Dip-Stick? Even your own carefully bred Eloy are not buying that line of fertilizer. The almost instantaneous outbreak of bipartisanship made it clear that neither Congress nor We The People were going to stand for any hair-brained macho crap that has the real possibility of dragging what little military capability you have allowed to exist into a “No objective, no plan, no win” course of action that may well have been, and may yet be the first shot fired in the next world war.

You stated that “…for more than seven decades the United States has been the defender of freedom…” Crap. My uncles served in WW-II when America had a clear objective: bring down the Third Reich. That is what they set out to do, and that is what We The People made a reality. My father served in Korea, which ended in a political standoff that continues to this day, because, at the time, we realized that we could not defeat China and that fact will never change. My father and I both served in Vietnam where no “end-game” was ever defined. And the ridiculous and disastrous forays into the Middle East have followed that pattern. Now I sincerely doubt that we have the military strength to defend our homeland against a flotilla of a dozen row boats thanks to your open disdain and distrust of our military. Is the sterling example of the Egyptian military unnerving you Mr. Dip-Stick?

You stated that “…America is not the world’s policeman,” and in that I do agree. But our government has consistently chosen which “crimes” should be addressed and which should be ignored. You choose to use the “human rights” buzzword only when it is convenient. Otherwise, you would be attacking Saudi Arabia, China, and other nations on a daily basis. What is happening in Syria is most certainly a tragedy and a travesty, but is a drop in the bucket when compared on a scale to what is happening in parts of Africa.

Since you left the podium last night, I have talked to many people, and there are two questions being asked by all: What did he say? And why did he bother? I have no answers, and neither do you. The greatest service that you can render to this country at this point, is to go quietly into the night and leave what is left of America to recover from her wounds inflicted upon her by your inept “leadership.”

Editor’s Note: In case you missed the noxious gas coming from the White House (and no it was not Mrs. Obama breaking wind), you can view it below.

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