No Love For Hillary – Faux Fear for Jeb

As we head into this next election cycle (as if it ever really ends anymore), there sure seems to be a lot more angst on the democrat side.

I’ve heard many say there is no one else who can run on the democrat side. It’s a shallow bench. Some pundits have stated that for all her flaws Hillary Clinton is the only major Democrat who can keep the Democratic Party together in this cycle.

I disagree. I think she is actually the one candidate who will not be able to keep the Democrats in their wacky rainbow colored ganja-filled tent.

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Need I remind us all that in 2008, Hillary was all they had – until she wasn’t. They needed only a minor groundswell of support to jump ship for someone else. Personally, I think that behind the scenes power brokers have probably given up on Hillary, not that she ever had them and I don’t think they like her. They like Bill, but not her. We may later find that they were never going to fully back her.

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So far, there’s no evidence to support the theory, except for the lack of enthusiasm from the far left base, which she will need.

I also wonder whether the democrats may be amenable to losing this next election to prevent someone they don’t care for on their side from winning – mainly Hillary. I see no fire from the base for Hillary. I don’t see “Run – Hil – Run” posters. There is no great eruption of support for her. It could indeed be that the dems have hit that proverbial wall, and have just run out of candidates.

And this is why I go back to the theory that if the power brokers who run the party truly can’t find another, they will allow Hillary to sink under her own weight. Sure, they will all tacitly support her, but I think we’ll see the difference in enthusiasm. The modern democrats aren’t in the “next man up” business – or it’s his or her turn, and that’s why I don’t think they’ll do it this time. They are too cut-throat to back some candidate because he or she deserves it or has paid their dues, etc., unless they know that candidate will probably lose anyway.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule, where they may concede an election by supporting some old fool like Walter Mondull in 1984 or Dukakis, the tank commander, in 1988, just to get them out of the way so they don’t have to again deal with them.

You just don’t see a democrat loser coming back to the troth for a second drink. For them, it’s one and done.

However, in her case – could it be that this is how the dems finally rid themselves of Hillary – let her run – let her lose, then usher her out the door? Could be.

Now, for the great moderate, Jeb Bush. His candidacy is a much simpler proposition. He may be the only Republican Hillary can beat and pundits on the left know it.

We conservatives have said for years that the Democrats will tell us who they fear. They are afraid of Scott Walker. They are afraid of Ted Cruz. You can tell by the lefts degree of wackiness and how unhinged they become at the mere mention of the names.

However, they are not afraid of Jeb Bush. Just watch some televised round table discussions with pundits on both sides and it will be clear who they do not fear. Time after time, democrat pundits and analysts will advise the Fox viewing audience that Jeb is the only republican who can challenge Hillary.

Boy, that’s awfully sweet of them to help the republicans out this way, and I’m sure their concern for our party is heartfelt and charitable.

It is so transparent it should be laughable, yet the talking heads on the right at least appear to take the advice seriously – as if your opponent is going to tell you how to beat them. “Next I’m going to throw a right cross. You block it and then knock me out with an uppercut.”

Maybe it’s all for show, but I don’t think so. Most of these talking head shows are made by and for the inside-the-beltway crowd, not for our consumption, and they take each other seriously – as we sit, mouths agape, staring at the TV, saying “you can’t be serious!”

I don’t know who the candidates will eventually be, but it will probably not be Hillary, and it best not be Jeb. Just thought of a new slogan: “If Jeb Runs – We’re Done.”

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