No, Glenn Beck, Those Opposed to Freedom & Law are Our “Evil” Enemies!

Recently, I heard popular host Glenn Beck state that he had eliminated the word “evil” from his vocabulary, the rationale being that he believed it would thwart efforts for conservatives to “come together” with their political opponents to solve the problems facing our nation.

I acknowledge the fact that Beck has done a lot over the years toward educating his audience concerning the machinations of global socialists, first on Fox News television and later through his online network, The Blaze. However, as I’ve indicated previously, sometimes the host goes too far in his self-styled Mormon flower-child modality with regard to the reality of dealing with said political opponents, their ruthlessness, lack of ethics and intractability.

Even though it has not always been a pervasive belief among Western Christians, as a Christian, I can certainly concur with Beck’s belief that love is the highest ideal a person can have. That said, notions of brotherly love and “coming together” are naïve at best when it comes to political opponents who are wholly dedicated to eradicating an opponent’s system of belief, governance or population, whether by attrition or by the sword.

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Typically, this sort of political opponent is referred to as an “enemy.”

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The half-billion people murdered, maimed and enslaved by socialists of varied stripes during the last century ought to be sufficient proof of their ruthlessness, lack of ethics and intractability. Likewise, Islam’s 1,400 years of blind zealotry, as well as the murder and mayhem perpetrated by Islamists during that time (to say nothing of the same perpetrated by Islamists over the last couple of decades alone) ought to be sufficient proof of their inability to come to accords with their opponents.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen key indicators that citizens of Western nations who’ve had socialism and its attendant social engineering devices rammed down their throats over the last 50 years have had enough.

With regard to immigration, for example: Europe is obviously further along than America with respect to the machinations of international socialist politicos. Now, we are seeing a strong response to the doctrine of European leaders having welcomed millions of individuals from culturally bankrupt nations over the last 50 years. Those who have refused to assimilate and treat the largesse of Europeans as their birthright have become a poisonous, indigestible mass in the European body politic.

This isn’t an instance of Westerners being bigoted, creepy Christian dogmatists, particularly in the case of Europeans. Europe accounted for 66.3 percent of the world’s Christian population in 1910. Today, it represents 25.9 percent. The proportion of European Christians has dropped from 94.5 percent of the population to 76.2 percent in 100 years.

Over time, Westerners, whether Europeans, Canadians or Americans, have begun to find the insidious aspects of socialism that were dramatically misrepresented to them by politicians, akin to having ingested spoiled food. One doesn’t get sick right away, but when it sets in, it’s something one never forgets.

These people are not ideological conservatives either, nor have they identified socialism as the name of their pain – yet. They just know that their paychecks don’t go nearly as far as they used to, they’re far less safe, their entertainment media has become shameless left-wing propaganda, and their children are being indoctrinated in school rather than educated.

Other than the election of Donald Trump to the presidency (the most notable byproduct of this phenomenon), there are myriad examples of plain folk expressing their disgust with socialist encroachment. Brexit, the United Kingdom’s effort to extricate itself from the European Union is certainly one of these. Citizens’ expulsion of their government in Iceland a few years ago is another.

In the corporate world, the shrinking coffers of the NFL and ESPN followed those companies’ tolerance of anti-American expression among certain pro football players and sportscasters, respectively. Big-box giant Target is currently hemorrhaging top executives and cash, the result of that organization becoming a corporate activist for the homosexual agenda.

It was one thing for Westerners to view from afar the desolation of Soviet Russia, Cuba and other nations that went socialist during the last century, or to muse over oil-rich Venezuela being flat broke due to hard-line socialist policies – but the foregoing declines have struck too close to home for comfort.

With regard to the opening paragraphs and concepts of evil and enmity: Most people can recognize evil when they see it; obviously, this holds true even among societies in which leftist moral relativism abounds. There is a danger to the excising and modification of language in that it smacks of the Orwellian – the politically correct moral relativism, social engineering and borderline mind control so often employed by socialists. They’ve even gone so far as to modify or negate such terms as “good” and “evil” to advance amorality and secure political gains.

Increasing numbers of those who have known liberty under Western constitutions and democratic republics are coming to realize that a chief consequence of this strategy has been an erosion of their liberties and a decline in their quality of life – which I suppose breathes new life into the axiom referencing not being able to fool all of the people all of the time.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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