No Excuse for Drought in 21st Century America

We hear a lot about droughts these days, places like California seem to be in perpetual drought while others suffer periodically throughout the year. Most people equate drought conditions with an area’s lack of precipitation, however nothing could be further from the truth.
Up until the 1990’s, most places called drought conditions based on a lack of precipitation, today drought is not measured based on precipitation, but on how much water an area uses. A prime example is south Texas. Here, we have been in drought periodically for decades, just last year we went from flood conditions in the spring of 2015 to drought conditions by the end of that summer.
San Antonio, for example has an average annual precipitation of 32.27 inches which is considered normal. In 2015 received 44.27 inches, 12 inches above average. If we went by just precipitation alone, this area should have been well out of having a drought. Yet, various stages of drought were still called based on the level of water the aquifer is at.
In California, most areas of the state receive very little precipitation with the exception of the Sierra Nevada range and extreme northern section of the state. Most areas of southern and central California receive less than 15 inches per year and a large portion of this area receives less than 5 inches a year. Thus, most of the southern half of the state is either desert or semi arid naturally. 
Unfortunately, most of the southern half of the state is where most of the state’s more densely populated areas are, comprising over 22 million people. Thus, for California to be drought free the state would have to receive the same amount of rainfall as Miami, Florida’s 61.93 annually.
So, as the population explodes across the US, especially in naturally dry areas such as Arizona and Nevada, we can expect to hear more news of massive droughts in the coming years. 
In the 21st. century, we must do away with our equation of lack of rainfall having to do with drought and accept the fact that it is all due to the amount of water we use.
The only way the US can become a drought free country is to follow the lead of many countries of the world in going totally desalinization. Countries such as Saudi Arabia in desert areas and those with large populations like India and China would not even exist today if it were not for using desalinization technology.
With 71% of the earth’s surface covered with water, it makes no sense for any area to suffer from a lack of water. We have the technology and the need of jobs such an endeavor would require to put drought in the history books as something we used to be plagued by.
Eventually, we will be a civilization who uses desalinated water for all our needs, but this will come out of necessity for survival after politicians exhaust all useless band aid solutions for the gaping wound requiring sutures that is drought.
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