Newsflash to Politicians: You Work for the People – Not a Political Party!

I understand that this might be a new concept for our elected officials, but what part of “We the people” do they not get? In 2009 a Gallup poll said that 80% of people were satisfied their healthcare and 60% were satisfied with their insurance. Despite all of those numbers, democrats decided to overhaul our healthcare system. This was done strictly along political and party lines and even though the American people told these democrats politicians in town hall meetings to “LEAVE OUR HEALTH CARE ALONE!” Nobody listened, and in spite of all the negative responses from the American people, the Affordable Care Act was passed. Not one single Republican voted for it. Obviously, they heard the people when they said “No” to Obamacare.

What part of the term “Public Servant” do Democrats not comprehend? It should have been very simple to understand that a majority of Americans did not want some idiot politician messing around with their health care. However, during the last 5 years we have had a complete and utter breakdown in communication between the “public” and the “public servants.”  It’s like we’re all speaking different languages. And to add insult to injury, we were lied to, not once, not twice, but dozens of times about this whole sorted mess. Maybe I’m the one that doesn’t get it, but I thought that if politicians wanted my vote, they’re supposed to kiss my butt, not the other way around. Now we are being told to “lean forward,” bend over and grab our ankles and just take it, because they know what’s best for us. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t work for me…not at all!

Since the election of the “Anointed One” five years ago, 9 trillion (that’s Trillion with a capital “T”) of our tax dollars have been thrown down into a bottomless pit and there has been Z-E-R-O accountability as to where it all went. Major American cities, as well as several states, are either
bankrupt or are on the verge of bankruptcy. Yet, the Democrats have the stones to tell us we need to pony-up more money to fix the same problems that we have already spent hundreds of billions of tax dollars on to fix something that we supposedly have already fixed?

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Anyone else getting a headache with that kind of logic?

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I’m not a math wizard or a rocket scientist, but I know that our healthcare system prior to Obamacare worked. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked. Now these same idiots that didn’t listen to us in the first place are trying to tell us that the “new” system (which never worked in the first place) that costs more money and offers us less choices is “better”?

OK, well I guess it’s time to send a message to these idiots in terms that they will understand; in the voting booth.

Politicians are supposed to work for their constituents (people like you and me) and they are not employed by any political party, we sign their paychecks and we can also send out pink slips too. We sure as heck did not need our healthcare system overhauled, but our political system sure could use one, right?

Vote out all the idiots who don’t listen to you, we have the power!

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