WTNH News8 is reporting that the family of Victoria Soto has now trademarked her name in order to protect it from what reporter Kent Pierce says is, "some deluded people spreading lies in her name."

In fact, the word "truthers" was WTNH News8's language, not mine.

Watch the full report below:

The story goes on to note that the family will be sending out cease and desist letters to anyone putting up fake accounts using Victoria Soto's name.

That, however, is quite different from protecting her name from "truthers" as the newscast suggests with its title and intro.

Most "truther" blogs aren't making hoax accounts in Victoria's name; most that I have seen are calling out Sandy Hook for being a hoax altogether.

Beyond that, having a blog that calls out a belief about someone that that someone's family disagrees with is not illegal and trademarking the person's name doesn't suddenly change that. McDonald's restaurants are trademarked, but that hasn't stopped people from saying it sucks, for example. In fact, here's a whole website dedicated to how much it sucks. The company probably isn't a huge fan of that behavior, but it's called free speech. And if we're starting to tread into libel and slander issues, well, those won't hold up in court either, at least not for the deceased in America.

Then again, the news already told us what happened at Sandy Hook, so no matter how much more bizarre or unbelievable this situation gets, all you "truthers" out there should really just stop asking questions and talking about it.

For more on that, see what at the time of writing this was the top comment posted on the video of this news broadcast from YouTuber Forlornguild:

 Newscast Reports Sandy Hook Family Trademark Victim’s Name to Protect Against Truthers

"You people need to stop talking about Sandy Hook! Let the "news" say what needs to be said….they don't lie. Besides her sister said she saw the softball sized holes in her sister's clothing….isn't that good enough? What more proof do you need? They said it happened!! And there was a bunch of commotion there at that location. Stop asking questions. It was real, the TV said so."


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