New Voter Registration Model Could Increase Turnout In Real America

A new voter registration model is spreading across the country and for once it may not be a Democrat ploy.

We all know how rampant voter fraud has become on the left with deceased people and illegal immigrants voting. It seems a Republican votes only for a lifetime, some Democrats live (and vote) forever.

Normally, voter registration is a tool of the left to target certain communities where they think they can increase turnout. So, if you focus on urban centers where statistically there are more Democrats, then “voter registration” becomes “Democratic recruitment.”

But this new proposed plan is broader and targets everyone in the country, rural and urban, without cherry-picking the favorite Dem locations.

Known as Automatic Voter Registration, the plan also proposes to cut down on voter fraud and make sure only citizens can vote.

It’s about time someone addressed this issue.

And it keeps states rights intact. Each state can implement as it sees fit without the federal government forcing it down everyone’s throats.

Basically, it works this way: when you get your driver’s license renewed or your hunting or fishing license, you can also register to vote. It’s optional so you don’t have to register if you don’t want to.

Over time, everyone would be registered to vote by the new method. Since everything will be electronic, it will cut out on the duplicate names and spelling errors. Duplicates and misspellings is one way fraudulent voting happens, so cleaning up the voter rolls will help with that.

Also, going electronic will help cut costs and save taxpayer dollars. So far, the plan has bipartisan support, which is rare these days. Red states like West Virginia and Alaska have implemented their own version while blue states like Rhode Island made it work as well.

Senator Lisa Murkowski said of AVR, “At the same time that it makes registering more convenient, it also improves the registration system and reduces opportunities for voter fraud.”

But if we’re being smart about this, any plan that allows rural voters the same opportunity that liberal groups like ACORN sought to give to the urban centers, then it levels the playing field.

If you can register to vote while getting your fishing license, that seems like a good deal. Two birds (or fish) with one stone!

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