NBC Reporter Luke Russert Admits Media Mistreats Religious People

Finally, someone who gets it. If you look at any mainstream media outlet, individuals with strong religious beliefs are often characterized as “bigots,” “racists,” and “puritanical.” Mainstream media reporters have stereotyped, mistreated and often exhibited bias against those of faith. NBC reporter Luke Russert, son of the late journalist Tim Russert, told CBN news reporter David Brody just that, indicating that be believes the media has unfairly been biased against those of faith.

According to The Blaze:

luke russert

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luke_russert_718_400_80_s_c1NBC reporter Luke Russert, the son of the late journalist Tim Russert, told CBN News’ David Brody that he believes media outlets are biased against people of faith.

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Russert’s comments will likely be seen as vindication by religious individuals who have long argued that mainstream reporters often mistreat and stereotype the faithful.

Russert told Brody he agreed with the claim that those who wear their faith on their sleeve are often covered unfairly, regardless of which religion or faith sect it is.

“I think that’s absolutely accurate and I think the current world in which we live in, specifically with the American media, ‘snark’ is valued,” Russert said. “And it’s very easy to come after people of faith no matter what they’re [sic] religion is – if they’re Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu.”

Russert, who is a Catholic, said people of faith are sometimes slapped with a “puritanical” label and accused of not understanding others’ viewpoints.

He decried media coverage that embraces stereotypes and paints people of faith in a negative light, calling it “lazy” and charging that it inappropriately feeds the masses.

Russert said it’s important to remember that not every Catholic or evangelical Christian, for example, is monolithic in his or her viewpoints.

“Issues of faith are very complex. When you cover them as a journalist you simply can’t, I feel, stereotype somebody as fitting into a box,” Russert said.

How many times has anyone of the Christian or Jewish faith seen in the lamestream enemedia biased reporting against them? The answer is probably “too numerous to count.” These so-called journalists have labeled Christians and Jews as “radicals,” “bigots,” “racists,” “extremists,” and even “tyrannical.” That sounds more like Islam, the inaccurately reported religion as being the “religion of peace,” than Christianity or Judaism.

Finally, someone in the mainstream media gets it. The question that lingers in my mind is “Wonder how long he will last at NBC?”

To illustrate how the media has portrayed Christians and how some of the public has accepted it, I’ll share a brief personal story.

Recently, I made friends with a group of young people with whom we all share a common interest. During one of our gatherings, a member of that group said he really didn’t like associating with Christians because they are “stiff and radical” and want to push their views on everyone else.

I looked at him calmly and asked, “Do I look stiff or radical to you and do I push my viewpoints onto anyone in the group?”

He responded with a questioning “No?”

I said, “Well, I’m a Christian.” The look he gave me was almost one of disbelief.

A young woman in the group said, “That’s awesome” and proceeded to talk about all the good qualities that I have exhibited to them. Regardless, that particular male member of the group has difficulty even speaking to me now, even though I have not changed how I interact with him. However, the young woman has begun talking to me more. Others in the group have not changed in their interactions, still treating me the same – with respect, dignity and acceptance; as I treat them.

Here is a young man, who has conservative views, that has bought into the media stereotype. His interaction with me changed only because I professed my faith. There is no change in my actions or viewpoints; but, this man has difficulty with the new knowledge he has gained regarding my religious status. It is apparent that he is uncomfortable having contact with me, but I continue to reach out and exhibit the same friendship towards him. Is he embarrassed? I don’t know but here is a young man who has had his view of Christians shattered and doesn’t know what to do now.

Not only has the media portrayed Christians and Jews in a negative light, our own government has designated us as “terrorist and right-wing extremists.” All of this stereotyping and bias has had its effect especially on young people who are questioning religion and those who are without it but need it. The faithful people of this nation are having to work that much harder to dispel these inaccuracies and portray the true nature of Christianity.

It has become the “in thing” to trash those who believe in God and Jesus Christ and to trash God and Jesus Christ himself. It has become the “in thing” to embrace secular humanism and excuse Islam, an egregious totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion, when atrocities are committed under its doctrine. It has become the “in thing” to accept cults as religions and true religions as cults: up has become down and down has become up.

The true “in thing” is God and Jesus Christ as He is always and forever with a never failing love.

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