No doubt, we can attribute Nazis in America to George W. Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush during the infamous Operation Paperclip.  On Tuesday, the White House announced that immigration authorities deported a Nazi collaborator, who had been living in New York for decades.

"Early this morning, United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) implemented a 2004 order of deportation to the Federal Republic of Germany of Jakiw Palij, a former Nazi SS labor camp guard in German-occupied Poland and a postwar resident of Queens, New York," the White House stated.

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The work was done by the US with "collaborative efforts with a key European ally" to deport Palij to Germany.

According to the statement, Palij "lied about being a Nazi and remained in the United States for decades."

The White House said that it is sending a "strong message" that the US "will not tolerate those who facilitated Nazi crimes and other human rights violations, and they will not find a safe haven on American soil.

Palij told immigration authorities that he had worked on a farm and in a factory during World War II, concealing his Nazi affiliation and crimes during the naturalization process when he came to the US in 1949.  He became a US citizen in 1957.

According to the statement:

In 2001, Palij admitted to officials at the Department of Justice that he trained in 1943 at the Nazi SS Training Camp in Trawniki, in German-occupied Poland.  Court documents demonstrated that men who trained at the SS Training Camp in Trawniki participated in executing "operation Reinhard," a code name for the Third Reich's plan to murder Jews in Poland.  Palij also served as an armed guard at the adjacent Trawniki Labor Camp.  On November 3, 1943, approximately 6,000 Jewish children, women and men who were incarcerated at the adjacent Trawniki Labor Camp were shot to death in one of the single largest massacres of the Holocaust.  By serving as an armed guard at the Trawniki Labor Camp and preventing the escape of the Jewish prisoners during his Nazi service, Palij played an indispensable role in ensuring that the Trawniki Jewish victims met their horrific fate at the hands of the Nazis.

Palij's citizenship was revoked by a federal judge in 2001 base on these facts along with immigration fraud.  His appeal was denied in 2005.

"Despite a court ordering his deportation in 2004, past administrations were unsuccessful in removing Palij.  To protect the promise of freedom for Holocaust survivors and their families, President Trump prioritized the removal of Palij. Through extensive negotiations, President Trump and his team secured Palij’s deportation to Germany and advanced the United States’ collaborative efforts with a key European ally," the White House stated.

Palij was the last active case from the Nazi era for the Justice Department's Office of Human Rights and Special Prosecutions.

Well, this is good news, but I have something I want to ask, since George Soros was also a Nazi collaborator and is thoroughly unrepentant about it, why wouldn't President Donald Trump declare his funding of various organizations in the US to be just as criminal as Mr. Palij's residing in the US.  I wonder if it has anything to do with with large sums of money and debt forgiveness from Soros to Trump.

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