The whitewashing of history continues. Anything that does not fit with what the Liberals think or believes must be eradicated. And even if it is accurate, it cannot be tolerated if it will make people have bad thoughts.

This is the case with two paintings in a Wisconsin university.

Fox reports:

The University of Wisconsin-Stout has decided to take down historical paintings that show interactions between white settlers and First Nations people because of their potentially “harmful” effects on students and viewers. The move was sparked by complaints from a diversity group.

After 80 years of decorating the university’s Harvey Hall, the paintings caught the attention of the school’s Diversity Leadership Team (DLT), which complained to the administration that this depiction of First Nations people reinforced racial stereotypes and promoted “acts of domination and oppression.”

Now, there are, to my knowledge, no Native Americans involved in this situation. No one that has any reason to be offended was, nor are there any mentions of how or why they would be offended. But this is of little concern.

These pictures do not portray the vision of the Native Peoples that lived here before Europeans came. We wish to see the Native Americans almost as more advanced than the Europeans, as if they had settled all war and hunger problems, living in abundance. A type of Utopia.

But since almost no one historically held to this understanding of the Native American nations, there can be nothing that reminds us of the people the Europeans actually encountered. Most of these nations were hostile, half-starved, and cannibalistic. And the school is more than happy to go along with the sterilization of the past.

Fox continued:

After a series of consultations with students, Chancellor Bob Meyer announced the works would be removed from the first and second floors of Harvey Hall, as they risked “having a harmful effect on our students and other viewers.”

What a sorry excuse for men we have today. Afraid a painting might harm him. Do not believe that for a second to be the motive. They wish to make the white European the destroyer of all things good, and these paintings do not fit this false history.

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