National Academy of Sciences & The Worm/Reptile/Monkey People

I have often wondered why academia, the members of the hierarchy of the National Academy of Sciences, and their media shills propagandize on behalf of their own imagined chance worm and reptile descent when there is no foundation for it or logic to it. Why can their minds not see Darwinism for the arrant speculation and a priori Dark Age pseudo-science that it is? How can they miss the self-evident truth that this earth and all of its species are designed when they see a hummingbird, an oyster, a whale, a tick, a bumblebee, a squirrel, a hyacinth in bloom, or any other living animal or plant?

These “geniuses” actually believe that they came into being as a result of a series of copying errors (mutations) in reproductive genes being operated upon over a period of hundreds of millions of years in some indefinable way by the mere figure of speech, natural selection. They see themselves as the product of aberrant processes that somehow turn into “beneficial” mistakes. How many genetic copying errors, how many mistakes, does it take to turn a reptile into a human being? Hundreds of thousands or millions?

Based on what they believe about themselves, what shall we call them, mutant randomites or worm/reptile/monkey people?

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What is wrong with their minds? I think it may be the curse of Jeremiah 17:5: “Thus says Yahweh: ‘Cursed is the master who trusts in humanity, and who makes flesh his arm, and whose heart withdraws from Yahweh.’”

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How might the curse manifest itself in the present era? In many different ways, all related to an inability to discern the truth. In Romans 1:28, we learn that those who do not have God in recognition are given over to a “disqualified mind.”

In Ephesians 4:17-18, we learn that those who ignore God walk “in the vanity of their mind[s], their comprehension being darkened.” In I Timothy 6:5, Paul writes of “men of a decadent mind and deprived of the truth.”

In II Timothy 3:8, Paul refers to those who are withstanding the truth as “men of a depraved mind, disqualified as to the faith.” In Titus 1:14-15, Paul writes of those who cling to the “precepts of men” and turn from the truth of the Scriptures: “their mind[s] as well as their conscience[s] [are] defiled.”

Withdrawing from the truth of God, trusting instead in humanity, and denying the self-evident truth of His manifest design in nature lead to darkened comprehension within a disqualified, decadent, depraved, defiled and vain mind. Such bountiful cognitive obliviousness defines the mindset of academia, the National Academy of Sciences, their media shills and the rest of America’s ruling Moronocracy.

It’s frightening. That’s why I end my new book about it with a prayer to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Only He can give sight to the spiritually blind and grant them “repentance to come into a realization of the truth” (II Timothy 2:25). May He do it in a mighty way.

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