Narco-Funded Islamic Terrorism Channel Al Ra’i Coming to Satellite TV

A few days ago, it was reported that the Hamas-led Gaza government is preparing to launch its own Al Ra’i television channel. Given the ongoing financial crisis in Gaza, the station’s management – Hamas officials – will not reveal the cost nor the sources of funding for their new Islamic fundamentalist media outreach project.

So what? What’s the big deal? It’s just another propaganda mill. Not a big deal, right?

Last February, Israeli authorities arrested 6 Arab lawyers from Jerusalem, who represent Islamic terrorist clients held in Israeli jails, for participating in an organized effort to direct Hamas terrorism activities, through encoded messages, acquired during prison visits, to be broadcast on Palestinian television outlets.

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Hamas, or “the Islamic Resistance Movement,” is a Sunni Islamic terrorist organization that won a majority of seats in the Palestinian territory’s parliament in 2006. Since 2007, this Muslim Brotherhood group has ruled Gaza.

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Gaza is overwhelmed with poverty and unemployment. Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank receive one of the highest levels of aid in the world. According to the World Bank, donor aid is barely keeping the economy afloat, children go hungry and lack proper medical care. Lions, and tigers and bears oh my?

Since 2007, tens of thousands of unprovoked Hamas rockets rained down on Israeli children. Hamas cannot feed its own, but somehow they find money for rocket attacks and satellite television stations. Hmmm.

Before 9/11, the bulk of Hamas terrorist funding came through a myriad of Sunni Islamic humanitarian aid charities courtesy of Saudi Arabia. As a result of Saudi involvement in the 2001 Al Qaeda terrorist attacks on the United States, Islamic charity gifting to terrorism was forcibly slowed to a covert trickle.

So where does Hamas obtain its current funding for weapons and satellite television stations? In part, think South America.

For decades, Latin America has experienced an explosion of Islamic fundamentalist immigration. In 2002, a US Federal Research Division report exploring “Narcotics Funded Global Terrorism” estimated that some 700,000 people of Muslim descent where living in Argentina alone. Today it is estimated that over 6 million Muslims have settled in Latin American enclaves and are heavily invested in Latin American drug trafficking. Drug trafficking includes finance and banking.

It seems America’s Islamic refugee resettlement and military efforts have created unforeseen (or should I dare say purposely ignored) consequences.

In the early years of the “War on Terror,” Afghan Taliban and Pakistan Drug cartels, formidable financiers of Islamic Global terrorism, were pressured. As a result, Asian poppy magnates looked to Latin America and distant relationships with powerful South American narco-terrorists to supplement their poppy growth needs. Relationships were established, and the Islamic Latin American heroin industry began to thrive.

Today, as US Troops withdraw, poppy crops break record levels in Afghanistan and a substantial crop of Afghan and Pakistan financed poppy now grow in America’s backyard as well. Coca is no longer the preferred crop of Latin America. It is now shifting to poppy.

International law enforcement authorities confirm Taliban and Pakistan drug cartels are working in partnership with Latin American drug cartel’s and poppy growing, refining and trafficking operations are proving more profitable than coca. I assume that follows the old business axiom, “keep the source of production close to source of consumption.”

Billions of dollars of Islamic drug profits, from US consumption of illicit narcotics, are annually washed through Latin American based Sharia compliant banks then funneled back to global Islamic terrorist causes and our State Department kisses Islamic hind end while condemning Israeli peace talk trepidation.

It makes you wonder how much of those profits are used to finance encoded messages broadcast from Islamic TV to the Islamic faithful immigrating to the United States from Latin America through our porous southern border. Nah, our government would not let that happen. We have an NSA and Department of Homeland Security to prevent all that.

Thirteen years have passed, and Islamic terrorism financing grows stronger and louder. Cui Bono America?

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