In a political climate that is hostile towards traditional, conservative ideas, it is nice to see an organization that holds on to Constitutional rights with a non-apologetic iron fist.

The National Association For Gun Rights (NAGR) has become known for its stance on the Second Amendment, quickly growing to be the second largest gun rights organization in America. Instead of working for political correctness, the adult equivalent of “fitting in”, the NAGR is one of few organizations that are forging a trail as the lone cowboy. This comes in very handy during a presidential election.

Due to the overbearing hostility and contempt blatantly shown the Second Amendment at the recent UN summit, a call to arms, so to speak, is necessary. Since the population of gun owners in the United States is growing, it is a safe bet that the majority of Americans feel they have a right and a need to own a gun for personal protection.  In other words, they value their Second Amendment right. However, what if their elected officials don’t?

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Any politician can say anything to get elected, but it’s what that politician does after being elected that speaks the loudest. Americans, unbeknownst to them, have been electing officials that say they agree with gun rights, but use the term “gun rights” when speaking of gun control. That should sound familiar, since the UN just tried the same thing.

The NAGR is answering the call to action with a sneaky politician’s worst nightmare- true transparency. It is launching what it calls a “targeted plan of action” to warn against those that would try to steam roll our Constitutional right to bear arms into the dirt.

As such, the NAGR is abandoning the passive perch of its watchdog status.  It is adopting a more aggressive approach that would help “out” those politicians that are trying to undermine the rights American citizens have under the Second Amendment.

The NAGR has announced a two-part plan of attack that is getting much support from its members. As part of the two-part plan, this organization wants to expose the records and political stance on anti-gun politicians. These are the “gun-grabbers” that the NAGR feels are responsible for threatening a right provided for in blood. The second part of the attack works on identifying pro-gun politicians that have respected the Second Amendment, and that have worked to preserve that right.

This should give registered voters the ability to make more informed decisions on who they want to speak for them. It also lets them know who they can trust to uphold basic American rights.

Hopefully, all of this information will get to the more than 4 million NAGR members before the presidential election. The NAGR is currently raising funds to get this information out in emails, letters, postcards, etc. However, the average citizen can spend a little time on his or her own to do some research on records that don’t line up with election campaign promises.

The call to arms is not to a select few, but to the nation those rights belong to. Some time spent now in research can spare a two to four year nightmare later. We don’t have to fight for our rights. We just have to make sure we keep them by electing the right individuals, and holding the wrong ones accountable.

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