NAACP President Ben Jealous Plays Race Card Again Over Voter ID Laws

NAACP president and CEO Benjamin Jealous came on CNN’s News Room and declared that the Republican led Voter ID laws that are being advanced in the states are somehow the same things as Jim Crow laws. As usual the NAACP, a racist organization, wants to make everything about ethnicity.

Mr. Jealous’ argument is based on the fact that people who vote would have to actually pay money to obtain an ID in order to vote. He cites thousands of people this would effect.

Jealous calls these “financial barriers” that are put up between someone and them casting their vote. He references “many” people who were born to midwives, and as such, did not receive birth certificates and to obtain those would cost money, since the midwife didn’t make sure they didn’t get a birth certificate decades ago.

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Ben_Jealous-700x350He then says they are too poor to obtain a driver’s license.

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As he was being interviewed the interviewer asked if the NAACP and other organizations could help these people get their ids so that they could comply with the law. She even said that providing identification was a part of everyday normal life.

The response was classic. “Just think about that, right,” Jealous said. “We’re back to the NAACP having to help people get the money to vote again.” There is the crux of the matter for the NAACP. They are not interested in being their brother’s keeper. They are interested in money, plain and simple.

Jealous makes the mistake though of claiming that voting is free. No, it isn’t free. It isn’t free on many levels. For instance someone has to gain transportation to get to where they vote. That more than likely costs….you guessed it, money. Even if they ride with a friend, it costs the friend. If they take public transportation, it still costs them. So Mr. Jealous’ argument does not hold water.

Benjamin Jealous then cites only a few hundred cases out of millions where there was actual voter fraud. So his thinking is that this will disenfranchise millions of voters for the sake of a few hundred nationwide.

When asked if the opposition to voter ID laws is more about re-electing Barack Obama than actual voting, Jealous said, “We don’t work for this candidate or that candidate. We work for people to make sure that they can vote.”

Well Mr. “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People” you do not work for people to make sure they can vote. You are specifically arguing for ‘colored’ people to make sure they can vote. The NAACP, by its own name and by whom it represents is a racist organization. They are not concerned with Caucasian people’s vote, just the Negro vote. So his statement is disingenuous.

He claims that they were fighting this when Democrats were doing it and now says that the NAACP is consistent when Republicans are doing it.

In the end, Jealous says, “We are fighting people who are partisan, but we’re not partisan.” One would like to ask, “When has your organization ever put their support behind a Republican presidential candidate? In fact, when have you voted Republican?” Of course, the NAACP is partisan.

The NAACP is willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to try and change the laws in states that require identification to vote, instead of using that money to help people actually get their ID and comply with the law.

I’m guessing that since the people he says that are “too poor to own a car” are few in number, that it would be less expensive. Furthermore, one has to ask the question how these people have survived “decades” as he says. Have they not been eating, being clothed and sheltered? What is $15 or $20 to obtain an ID?

He claims that these laws are un-Constitutional and violate the Voting Rights Act, yet he never proves his case.

Interestingly enough, Benjamin Jealous has not come out against ID laws that require a person to show identification to purchase a firearm. Firearms are also protected under the Constitution. Why not come out against that as well?

Just remember, this gentleman is the same guy that bypassed our government and went straight to the United Nations, who are not supposed to have any sovereignty over the United States, and asked them to investigate America for voter disfranchisement.

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