My Christmas and New Year Greeting

This will be yet another brief article, as we close out the end of this year with hopes of having a free nation after the first of the year.

The most recent pamphlet from Hillsdale College deal with all the recent attacks upon our Christian faith from all directions. It also talks about property rights and religious freedoms. Our founding fathers did not write the First Amendment to stop the government from allowing religion—it was written to stop the government from forcing only the religion the government sought upon the people. The misdirected ideology that “Freedom of Religion” was written to exclude all religions from government offices and the like is an ideology that is slowly destroying all religions and not just Christians.

In writing the “freedom of religion” in the First Amendment, we have to look at why that was included into the Constitution at all. When history is peeled back to show why this was done, it will clearly show behind the fog and curtains that the founding fathers did not want to exclude religion from government; they wanted to ensure that government did not force religion upon the people as England did back in the time when the United States rebelled to obtain true freedom. When England forced religion upon the people, they had to abide by the religion England wanted, not the one they chose. That is what the “freedom of religion” clause in the First Amendment is about, not whether the government can allow a nativity scene or not.

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30 years ago, jobs were plentiful; they were well-paying jobs–jobs that made one proud to do them, as we actually built items here within our nation and only used small items from other nations. Today, our nation has millions of people out of work. How did we get to this point? It actually began under Ronald Reagan, when he lifted the tariffs on all imported goods, making imports much cheaper than most products made here in the United States. Many will say that Reagan created millions of jobs, but those jobs were service industry jobs, not the well-paying manufacturing jobs.

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Jobs used to be so plentiful that if one quit or was fired from a job, one could find a new one within a week. Christmas was celebrated all over, without reserve of ideology. It was a time when the father could go to work and make enough money to support the family without having his wife goes to work. Yes, some wives did go to work, but that was mainly to get extra money. Today, wives have to work in order to make ends meet, due to fair-paying jobs. There was a time back in the 70’s and early 80’s where the United States made shoes, socks, hardware, tables chairs, televisions, radios, all that are now made elsewhere in nations that pay as little as $0.85 a day to as much as $1.00 an hour. The United States cannot compete with those wages because our nation has always made that very item here, which kept people working. How does all this come together as our Christmas and New Year wishes?

Let us explain in no unfriendly terms. Our nation is at a major crossroad this coming year: it is a time when the United States either stands for freedom or submits to Socialistic/Communistic ideologies. Those are the choices we will have in the next year. The Democratic Party is not the same as it was under John Kennedy. It has morphed into a monster that wants both Socialistic and Communistic ideologies to be brought upon our nation. The Republican Party, although not as nearly perfect, is the best bet for a continued free United States. Hillary Clinton has stated that she wants to change the Bill of Rights, and Bernie Sanders, the proud Socialist, wants to do the same and give out free stuff that costs more than our nation can produce. These facts seem to show us where we are in this time of our nation.

Our prayers, our ideas, our hopes, and our dreams are that WE THE PEOPLE awaken next year and open our eyes to what is placed before us as a nation. The next election is not about being a Democrat or Republican—those terms are just words that have little meaning in today’s world. The next election is about freedom or slavery. If we fall into that snare trap set by the Democrats/Socialists/Communists, we will become slaves to the government. With both of the alleged Democrats calling for a total destruction of the Constitution, our nation will fail and our freedom will be no more.

This is the time of Christmas, a time of joy, and many of our nation’s people cannot celebrate this wonderful time of the year, due to not having well-paid jobs…but that is due to all of us going out and buying the cheap items not made in the United States. Think of the times when it was the United States that made the best shoes, the best shirts, the best cars, the best televisions: it was just 30 years ago, and yet WE THE PEOPLE snubbed our noses at what WE THE PEOPLE could make here in the United States, and because of that, today, more of our fellow citizens are out of work. WE THE PEOPLE caused that—we did this to ourselves—and now it is up to us to either continue on this failing track or to pull our boot strings tight and begin to help our fellow citizens get well-paying jobs by opening up our oil fields, where more oil lies, waiting to be taken, than the world has on hand. Get back to making these goods here by placing the tariffs back upon those foreign imports using slave labor to produce goods our nation can produce. We can do this, and it just takes a leader who is willing to work hard to make the right moves and one that does not wish to change the Constitution by removing the rights of the people. We should not wish to place a man like Bernie Sanders in a position to give out money we don’t have. WE THE PEOPLE have to take our nation back to the Constitutional ideas we honored before Obama.

People, I hope this year has been good to you, and if it has not, I wish that the next one will be better, but what the next year brings will determine what the United States will be. Will it be a world leader again, or a failed nation going back to slavery-type days, with the government controlling our lives in every way? In 2018, a new President will take over, and it is our hope that that President will be one who will respect our Constitution and work to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States by dropping the corporate tax to 10% so these companies will be able to make items here.

This is the time that will serve to show that either WE THE PEOPLE have awakened, or that we the takers will force the United States into failure.

God bless you all, no matter what faith you may be. Look towards tomorrow as a day to begin the fight to make our nation great again and help our fellow citizens by bringing jobs back here to the United States.

Merry Christmas, and may all your faiths be as great as possible. Hope we all have a Happy New Year.

Until next year, God speed.

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