I Must Be A Democrat

I must be a Democrat. In these stressful and confusing times it is sometimes difficult to be certain of almost anything. I was raised in a very conservative family environment even though during the raising I had no idea what that meant. When I was finally old enough to vote – after two combat tours in Vietnam – I asked my parents which party they belonged to and assumed that because they were Republicans, I must be a Republican.

A decade or so in the military kept me blissfully ignorant of what damage the politicos were doing to this nation because in the military all things political were seriously frowned upon. That was back in the “good old days” when defending the Constitution was the primary role of our military.

Then as a civilian I began to question just what it meant to “be a Republican.”

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As I matured politically, I became more and more uncomfortable with being labeled as a “Republican” because I seriously disagreed with what passed for their “platform.” However, I trudged on and worked diligently to help elect Republican candidates thinking “What the hell…I have serious disagreements with my wife and yet our marriage has lasted more than a quarter century simply because we do not “go there”; i.e. we do not discuss certain issues about which we both are very passionate and about which we will never agree.

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As I became more deeply involved in the workings of the Republican Party, I began to realize that there are major differences between my relationship with the Republican Party and my relationship with my wife.

In the first place, my meager command of the English language is totally inadequate to sufficiently express my affection for my wife and is equally inadequate to sufficiently express my disgust and distaste for the Republican Party.  

Now, most folks would consider me somewhat conservative. So why would I even think that I might be a Democrat?

Because I agree with Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, “Whore House” Harry Reid, “The Queen of Mean” Nancy Pelosi and the whole Democratic “leadership” more than I do with the so-called “Republican Leadership.”

First let me clear the easy argument: I do not believe in any of the Republican “Leadership” or anything that it says or does or allegedly stands for.

But I do agree with the leadership of the “Cult Obama” in many areas:

  • I believe that the American Voting Public is generally ignorant, especially when it concerns the Constitution and the American form of Government.
  • I believe that the American Voting Public will believe anything and everything a “Charismatic Black Leader” says – regardless of how many times his words have been proven to be false; and that includes Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton – the cream of the crop.
  • I believe that the American Voting Public is generally for sale to the highest bidder.
  • I believe that having more voters cast ballots than are actually registered to vote is simply a strong statement of public sentiment and does not raise questions about the integrity of the ballot box.
  • I believe that because Barack Obama falsely claims to be a “Black American,” no one will dare challenge anything he says or does.
  • I believe that because Mr. Obama’s attack dog, Eric Holder, who is also falsely claiming to be a “Black American” working for a “Black American” president, is above the law. Case in point: If you or I made a misstatement in front of Congress we would be serving a felony sentence whereas Mr. Holder does so with impunity and is not challenged.
  • I believe that members of Congress and their families are so extraordinary that they should not be required to be subject to the laws that they impose on us lower class citizens who anointed them.
  • I believe, like one of our Democratic “representatives” here in Nevada has said, that there is no need for Congress because we should just let the president do whatever he wants to do via Royal Decree (aka: Executive Order) because he was elected by the people and knows what is best for the country.

Wait a minute!

What I TRULY believe is that I must have lost my mind for a minute or two…or simply “fallen through the rabbit hole.” Are the Republicans in Congress really so gutless that they dare not challenge this usurper of our Constitution?

Eric Holder arrogantly and blatantly lied to Congress under oath with impunity; I watched him do it. Since then there were discussions about giving him the opportunity to “correct his testimony.”

EX-FREEKING-SCUSE-ME! You or I would be sitting in a federal prison within hours.

Was it not the current Director of the NSA that denied the existence of their massive domestic spying program under oath in front of Congress? Where are the charges? Did not Kathleen Sabilius lie under oath to Congress? Where are the charges?

Why have none of the hundreds of lawyers that we call “representatives” taken Supreme Court’s Justice Black’s majority opinion in the definitive decision on the limitations to Presidential powers with respect to Executive orders in Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer, 343 U.S. 579 (1952) to stop the abuse of power by King Obama?

Why do the majority of the American people meekly surrender their freedom to The Imperial President?

There is a call for all Patriots to stand and make a statement in what is being called “Operation American Spring.”

Although it may be true that we never leave our dead and wounded on the battlefield, it is also true that we do not carry the wounded into a firefight.

There are those of us who are no longer fit for duty on the front lines, but we can form “The Patriot Railroad” to aid those who are able to travel to the front lines in Washington D.C. on May 16th. 

Simply by providing safe haven where people can park overnight, or possibly a home cooked meal, or information as to the most economical places to eat, sleep, and refuel would be a major form of support for those headed east.

Now is the time America.

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