Muslims Play Victim: Claim Discrimination Over City Ordinances For Mosque

house_mosqueIn yet another case in which Muslims are demanding to receive what others do not receive and then whining about it when they don’t get what they want, a Muslim group in San Bernardino County, CA is upset because the residents of a rural area keep taking them to court. The reason? The Muslims believe it all has to do with “Islamaphobia.” The lawyer for the residents says not so. The residents just want the Muslims to obey the same laws that they have to obey.

The problem began when Muslims bought yet another home in a quiet residential area and decided to turn it into a place of worship, a mosque. Anyone who has ever been involved in buying land for a church and building a church on the property or converting existing buildings into a church, knows the process can be very complex with it comes to jumping through all the hoops put in place by city and county.

While the group is allowed to use the purchased residential home, the stipulation is that no more than 30 people can use it daily because it is a home and the number and size of bathrooms does not support a larger number. One Muslim involved in the process has accused current residents of being anti-Islam. “Proponents of the center say the neighbors have a bias against Muslims and will continue to fight the expansion of the building.” They have a right to fight it.

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The plain fact of the matter is that turning a residence into a commercial building (even a non-profit one) is not an easy task on any day. There are quite a few hurdles to jump over (including zoning laws) and everything must be done according to law. Yet, this is not always the case where Muslims are concerned since they know how to play the victim card so well, like minorities know how to play the race card so well. It’s part of the politically correct rule book.

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It’s the same victim story wherever Muslims attempt to create one of their mosques. Because they pretend that the laws do not apply to them, when someone comes into enforce them, they cry “VICTIM!” or “HARASSMENT!”

In DeKalb County, GA, the problems surrounding a mosque there have been ongoing since well before 2012. While violations mount, the Muslims continue on as if there is no problem. Reminds me of the Obama administration. It must be a new way that the left deals with problems like this. They pretend there’s nothing wrong and just keeping working. As Valerie Jarrett said not long ago, “We’ve moving on. We’ve got work to do” or words to that effect. Yep, they need to keep tearing down the country so don’t confuse them with laws.

Eventually, as is the case in the DeKalb County neighborhood where Muslims purchased a home and then almost immediately began turning it into a mosque, residents got so frustrated with the process, the city council, and the decision by the Muslims to simply ignore everything (and continue working), that they finally gave up and put their homes up for sale. The homes were usually sold at a loss. Who do you think bought them? That’s correct. Other Muslim families did. Is there anything wrong with that? No, not unless things were deliberately planned to frustrate the residents so that they would eventually sell out and relocate so Muslims can pick up homes for next to nothing.

If you go to the link connected with DeKalb County, GA above, there is a video in which it is easy to see the numerous violations and annoyances created by this gathering of Muslims. They don’t care if they create temporary structures that have not been approved by the city. They don’t care if they block your driveway or park on your lawn. They certainly do not care that their call to worship (broadcast over loudspeakers at 7:00am) offends or wakes anyone up. None of that is their problem. It’s yours. They see themselves as having a right to be there and they do not recognize property rights or laws unless they are Sharia laws. If you don’t like it, leave.

But in truth, these people are not stupid. It doesn’t take a genius to know when you are on private property and even if so-called private property does not exist in your native country, only an imbecile would think that the laws are the same from one country to the next. Even then when things are explained, the only response is “they are harassing us because we are Muslim.” This is disingenuous. No one is that stupid. No one. Yet, too many Muslims who are transported to America believe that if they can hide behind some semblance of ignorance, things will be okay.

The trouble is that too often, this type of claim is rewarded by individuals in black robes holding gavels. We’ve read too many situations where Muslims are virtually let off the hook in a UK courtroom because they did not “know” the law. We’re told ignorance is no excuse…unless you’re Muslim.

We have yet another case of a group of Muslims buying a home and desiring to turn it into a mosque that will forever change the fabric of the neighborhood into which they are moving and they just don’t care. They will play the victim card as often as possible because it allows them to gain favors and privileges that the rest of us cannot have.

“This neighborhood for some reason doesn’t like us; otherwise, why are they filing one lawsuit after another, wasting their money, appeal after appeal?” said Rashid Ahmed. Cry me a river…

Ultimately, the Islamic group wants to build “a 7,512-square-foot mosque on 1.5 acres.” Gee, do you think that might have something to do with it? If I lived in a rural neighborhood, I don’t even think I’d want a church there, much less a mosque that broadcasts a call to prayer five times each day! People should be allowed their privacy and their peace and quiet. The lawyer for the residents noted that allowing this mosque to go forward would be much the same as “putting a 7-Eleven next to your house.”

But these Muslims don’t care because they want to build a mosque and leave it to a progressive group to side with the Muslims. “To help with the mosque’s legal battle, members of the Pomona Valley Chapter of Progressive Christians Uniting have raised almost $10,000 in support of the mosque.  ‘If this was an Episcopal church, we would not have this kind of problem,’ said Father John Forney…”

I’m going to respectfully disagree with Father Forney. I don’t want a church in my residential neighborhood. I don’t want a school either. In fact, I don’t want anything that can be construed to be “commercial” in my neighborhood. There is already enough noise with a few barking dogs, car traffic, and kids in swimming pools and I live in the country!

Certainly, mosques can be built in America. But like everything else, they need to follow the laws that exist to make things fair for everyone. I’ve read too many cases of mosques being allowed to slide, given special privileges that no one else – especially Christians – do not receive. Do we need to be reminded about the man who was actually sent to jail for holding a Bible study in the backyard shed that he built? If the local government isn’t doing that, they are busy fining Christians for holding a Bible study in their home. Of course, such is not the case when guys get together at the same house on Monday nights for Monday Night Football.

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