Muslims Demand Tax-Funded Halal Food in Public Schools

The relentless push to Islamicize the public square, and in this case the public school, escalates in New York City. Fresh on the heels of Muslim school holidays comes this demand for halal food in the New York City public schools.

According to the well-coached children making the demand, the vegetarian option is not sufficient because “we don’t get the protein that we need.” Yet these kids looked hardly undernourished, and, frankly, if protein is your thing, then why not bring hard-boiled eggs to school or beef jerky?

Because it’s not about the food, it’s about Islamic supremacism.

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The New York City school system is 10 percent Muslim (if that). If food choice is so important to them, why not bring their own food? One young Muslima featured in a news story about the demand claims that not having halal food and having to eat peanut butter and jelly makes her “feel different.” But the fact is, she is choosing to be different. And her community is forcing the general population to conform to their ideology.

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One parent said (with a straight face, no less): “As a parent, it is your duty to ensure your child does not go without food the whole day, and if that makes him weak and inattentive maybe he will lose interest in going to school.” You can’t make this stuff up. Now poor parenting is the lunch lady’s fault. Forgive me if I don’t buy the poor malnourished child propaganda. Growing up, there was never a hot lunch option in my public school, and we all did rather well. It’s just another way of imposing Islam on the secular marketplace.

Next thing we know, they’ll be blaming the lack of halal meat in the school for why their children go jihad.

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

This is part of a nationwide effort to normalize halal slaughter, which is inherently barbaric. Halal slaughter involves cutting the trachea, the esophagus and the jugular vein, and letting the blood drain out while saying “Bismillah Allahu akbar” – in the name of Allah the greatest. Many people refuse to eat it on religious grounds. Many Christians, Hindus or Sikhs and Jews find it offensive to eat meat slaughtered according to Islamic ritual (although observant Jews are less likely to be exposed to such meat, because they eat kosher).

Even if non-Muslim businesses and schools start offering halal meat, the supremacist intimidation doesn’t end. Last year, McDonald’s had to pay $700,000 in a lawsuit claiming that a McDonald’s in the Detroit area “falsely advertised its food as being prepared according to Islamic dietary law.” But there was no finding that McDonald’s had had any intention of deceiving its Muslim customers into thinking that non-halal meat was halal: If a Muslim was served non-halal meat, it was simply a mistake. A $700,000 mistake. The case sounded like a setup to me from the beginning. Who inside McDonald’s told the litigious Muslim that his $700,000 sandwich might not be halal?

They have achieved this Islamization in the U.K., and that country is doomed. The Daily Mail reported last week: “Parents have condemned a school’s decision to ban all pork products from the menu and replace other meats with halal versions.”

But they don’t have much recourse. The Mail went on: “A mother with an 11-year-old girl at the school, who asked not to be named for fear of being branded racist, said: ‘At home I pay more for organic and free range food. I am a Christian but I don’t do it because of that, it’s more for the respect of how animals are killed.'”

This mother is afraid of being branded a racist because she opposes her daughter being force-fed halal meat. This is how far the Islamic supremacist narrative has advanced already into the hearts and minds of decent non-Muslims who want to do the right thing and live in a free society, but are being clubbed over the head every day by the media and government elites, and told that their refusal to submit to Islamic supremacism is “racism” and “hatred” and a “lack of respect” for Muslims.

Why aren’t non-Muslims respected?

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