Muslims, Communists & Us: What Sort Of Games Are We Playing?

Hi everyone. I gladly took some time off from writing and managed to rest my brain somewhat during the last three weeks. Still, I read reports every day. It is difficult for this avid reader to keep up with all of the “you know what” hitting the fan, so I can imagine why a lot of people just give up and tune out. The mainstream news is mostly garbage and the real news that you find in the blogo-sphere is so troubling that no mere mortal can manage to digest the implications of it all.

While I was gone from here, Egypt sort of blew a fuse and threw everyone a curve.

So what do I mean about the “games we are playing?” What I mean is; our government is shoveling so much propaganda garbage at the American people, that I wonder that any Americans have any idea of what is going on behind the curtains, from both inside and outside forces. While the members of the political class are busy shoveling the garbage, Americans are confused. And this didn’t start just in the O era. Most of my regular readers know that. But how bad is it?

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This afternoon I came across an interesting website that might just give a clue to the outside forces working to destroy us. You’ll love it. It’s got to be the motherlode of double-double on enemies. The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam. How’s that for a mouthful! Betcha didn’t know about that cute organization. Here is their mission statement:

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam is an International Pan Islamic Communist Party. The ideology of our Party is Proletarian Islam which is Islam thought from the standpoint of the international Pan Islamic Working Class. Our goal is the reunification of the Pan Islamic homeland which stretches from West Africa to Indonesia into one Nation State; an Proletarian Islamic Socialist Superstate and Caliphate, which will be under the leadership of the Pan Islamic Working Class with a Proletarian Islamic Socialist Government moving towards World Proletarian Islamic Communism.

O.K. You might not take that too seriously, thinking that is obviously ginned up by a bunch of crazy people. I have no idea who they are or where they are. So I kept looking.

It seems both the Soviets and the West have been courting the same goons from Islam. And, it looks like one of two things is happening. Either the U.S. government has gotten in bed with both the Soviets AND Islam, or the Islamists are just like little brats who are playing both ends against the middle, i.e. playing one parent against the other. Neither scenario seems very good to me. It may be a combination of both those things. As we know, George Bush “looked into Putin’s eyes and saw his soul.” And we know George Bush began the whole nonsense about Islam being a “religion of peace.” But he also took that bullhorn and called out, “Can you hear us now?” Which is it? Then we have Obama telling Medvedev to tell Putin that after the election he’ll have “more flexiblity.” Also, he tells the American people that we are “no longer a Christian nation,” while keeping company with Muslims in his own administration. Something doesn’t quite sound right to me. How about you?

This article from American Thinker gives you some background on the history of these strange bedfellows. The article is a book review and starts out like this:

The presence of Muslims in the West is not a recent phenomenon; on the contrary, it reaches back many decades, to Nazi Germany. Then, a group of former Soviet Muslims, seeking better treatment in Germany, defected and aided the Nazi effort. Muslim Brotherhood (MB) cohorts in the Middle East conducted a parallel effort. Later, under the control of U.S. intelligence, many of these same Muslims were harnessed as a bulwark against worldwide Communist domination during the Cold War. Eventually completely taken over by the MB, these German Muslim cohorts were courted by the West as a most curious partner to counter Islamic extremism. The locus for much of their activity, which they later used to spread Islam throughout Europe and plan major terrorist attacks in the West, including 9/11, was to become a beachhead in Europe — the Munich mosque.

All of which makes me think that either the Muslims are the ultimate useful idiots, or the U.S. is the ultimate useful idiot. Again, either way, this does not sound good. A precedent in geopolitical relationships has been set between the West and the Muslim Brotherhood. Relationships that have gone quite sour, if you ask me. Dangerous games being played by people who don’t have American interests at heart, that’s for sure.

I can’t pretend to have this figured out. The players are chameleons. Disinformation is the order of the day. Egypt seemed to have stepped up and thrown out the Muslim Brotherhood, but now we hear the outcome of that may be worse. And I don’t expect the MB to go away quietly.

Bad enough to realize the Communist threat has not only not gone away, but mix it up with Muslims and it rather looks like a perfect storm swirling in and around us, from the inside and the outside.

I just sent off an order for Diane West’s latest book called American Betrayal, on the subject of Communist infiltration into our American government and society. While I am aware of most of the premise of this book, I am looking forward to seeing the recount of history brought up to our current affairs in chronological connections from Ms. West.

I don’t like these games being played, with deadly rules and too many conscripted pawns.
If only we could just opt out….says the wishful thinker here.

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