Muslim Congressman Knew Benghazi Was A Terrorist Attack & Said So Within 48 Hours

Can anyone remember as far back as September 11, 2012? That was such a “long time ago” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney stated. Yet, it was a day when terrorists attacked Americans in Benghazi. It was a day when 4 Americans died. Some died while trying to defend against the attack. Notice I said an attack, not a protest, and that is very important to note since when you engage in a protest you don’t take up arms and fight! An attack is just that, a predetermined plan of engagement upon a known place or person and Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) stated that it was a terrorist attack within 48 hours, while the Obama administration pushed the tall tale of it being a protest about a YouTube video.

This story of a spontaneous protest due to the video falls apart as soon as the words from second in command in Tripoli, Mr. Gregory Hicks called and informed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the consulate in Benghazi was under attack. This was after Mr. Hicks got a very nervous call from Ambassador Chris Stephens informing him that he was under attack. This testimony by Mr. Hicks was under oath before the House Committee. It was very clear that the words stated were, “under attack.” He never once said that Benghazi was under “protest”! We now must wonder why no action was taken at 4PM on that fateful day. Why was the FEST team not moved out? The FEST teams are the people that have the main duty of extracting people under attack by enemies no matter who they may be. They consist of the best of the best at what they do and they train just for attacks like that in Benghazi.

I had written two articles prior to the new revelations on the recent hearings on Benghazi. The first one was way back on October 15, 2012. That article was Titled, “Benghazi – Obama’s 9/11.

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No one has ever been told just where and what President Obama was doing after he got the one and only call about Benghazi. After all, it was campaign time and he had to get his sleep so that he could catch a flight out of DC in order to hit the campaign trail.

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Yes, I was making fun of Jay Carney’s words in the beginning of the article about Benghazi being a long time ago. After all that was never supposed to have survived in the media since Obama won re-election. Now this goes back to yet another article I wrote called, LIAR, LIAR!

Now let’s get back to Benghazi for a moment. I did some research and found a brief statement by none other than a member of the House of Representatives, one Keith Ellison, in a statement he made on September 13, 2012.

Mr. Ellison knew of the attack upon Benghazi. Look very carefully. We did not say “protest,” but we used Mr. Stevens’ word, “attack.” Here is what the Representative from the Socialist Democratic Party, the Progressive Caucus, and open Islamist from the State of Minnesota stated on record:

“Mr. Speaker, my name is Keith Ellison. I’m the cochair of the Progressive Caucus….”

“It’s important to note that Chris Stevens loved Libya, loved Libyans; and it’s not any accident that Libyans took to the streets not to attack America, but really Libyans came to the street holding up placards apologizing for the act of these terrorists who killed Americans and Libyans when they assaulted the consulate in Benghazi,” Ellison continued. “Many of them held up placards extolling the great virtues of Chris Stevens.”

Here we should note that Mr. Ellison did not call the action a “protest.” No sir, he called it an attack, but not by Libyans! Mr. Ellison seems to maybe have known something that few others, even those at the White House claim they did not know. He claimed that it was an attack upon Benghazi, even if he did go totally around making it a straight out statement, he did say that “Libyans took to the streets, not to attack.” What did he know on September 13, 2012 that the White House seems to still not know?

Mr. Ellison went on to discuss what the progressives called a “Deal for All,” but he went on for an entire paragraph explaining that the Libyans were not responsible for the actions in Benghazi. However, what sparked a very large question in my mind as I read on was the following statement:

This horrible incident that occurred in Benghazi was not done by the Libyan people. It was done by terrorists who have nothing but contempt for the democracy in Libya, which is unfolding; and that is why they would take their action against the consulate as they did do. But it’s important to note that there were about seven Libyans who died.”

Here it is very clear that Mr. Ellison, who is not a big name in the political arena, seems to have called the action an act of “terrorism” by stating it was “terrorists” that did this. Mr. Ellison stated it was because of, “…contempt for the democracy in Libya.” This must make a reasonable person wonder just what did he know that no one else seemed not to know since he used the word “terrorists” while everyone else used the video? Does this bring into question what he knew and just how did he know it was a terrorist act? Did he get briefed on this on September 12, 2012 by Barack Obama? That couldn’t be. President Obama was out in Nevada campaigning while the men who died the night before were being flown back to the United States.

One also must ask the question, why would Obama come out after this man says “terrorists” and lay claim to this being due to a video? This just does not add up right, a small time member of the House of Representatives knows more than the President of the United States some 3 full days before Obama went to the United Nations and stated this was due to some video. What just does not look right here? Why did Obama make 12 changes in the talking points? Why did he not call it a terrorist attack? Why did Obama produce such a huge lie to the United Nations and the United States? Yes, we are right back to “LIAR,LIAR, is that what you say Obama?”

If I had not written an article bringing these questions to bear way back on October 15, 2012, we may well not have even heard about the questions from back then except through our history books. Sorry, that’s just a pun upon Jay Carney and his way back machine that seems to make going back a few months seem like a few years.

We should now consider all the ramifications that can be brought to bear upon this Barack Obama and those under his authority who allowed these 4 brave men to die without any help or even an attempt to get to them until after they were dead! Yes, that prior article will raise its head once again and call Barack Obama pure and simple, “liar, liar”!

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