Muslim Brotherhood Site Slams Egyptian Press – Obama Eerily Silent

Egypt has descended into chaos and from the looks of things, it might continue for some time. With the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi, take over by the military and appointing of Adly Mansour as interim president, IkhwanOnline, the official website of the Muslim Brotherhood, posted an article that has since been removed, according to the Washington Post.

While I have no intention of even gracing IkhwanOnline with my presence, others have and reported on it’s now removed content. According to Max Fisher, reporting for the Washington Post, the site asserted that Adly Mansour was secretly Jewish and also suggested that Mansour was “part of an American and Israeli conspiracy to install Mohamed ElBaradei, a former UN official and Egyptian opposition figure, as president.” Adly Mansour, a supreme justice of Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court, was sworn in to be Egypt’s interim president after the military ousted Mohamed Morsi.

Max Fisher goes on to report:

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Morsi was a close ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has held large demonstrations protesting his ouster. That the Muslim Brotherhood would be suspicious of Mansour, and of the military that toppled Morsi to install him, is not surprising.

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Still, the IkhwanOnline article suggests that some elements of the Muslim Brotherhood may be indulging in conspiracy theories that ignore their own outrage about Morsi’s rule and may be promoting the anti-Semitic ideas that engendered so much     international skepticism of their rule. There is no indication that there is any truth to the article.

Further down in his report, Fisher stated the article cited a Facebook page of an Al-Jazeera Arabic broadcaster who asserted that Mansour was “considered to be a Seventh Day Adventist, which is a Jewish sect.” Seventh Day Adventists are actually considered protestant Christians, while others (those holding to the teachings of Ellen G. White) are considered cults. MBInEnglish, a collection of Cairo-based journalists dedicated to translating Brotherhood-penned articles into English, translated the site which indicated Mansour’s appointment as a “conspiracy involving the United States, Israel and Mohamed ElBaradei,” who had reportedly refused to participate in a conference denying the Holocaust. It went on to say that gesture was a token offered to Jews in order for ElBaradei to become president in fake elections guarded by the military, who will falsify the results.

Fisher stated it would be wrong to conclude that the Muslim Brotherhood was retreating back into some of its worst habits: conspiracy theories, ant-Semitism and the insistence that no disagreement could be legitimate.

I would say it would be wrong to conclude the Muslim Brotherhood ever deviated from it; it was just hidden from public view in order to promote their agenda. Islam has been shown to be an anti-Semitic organization. Islam is Islam ever unchanging regardless of what one group may say as taqiyyah (out and out lying) is taught and practiced. Islam’s goals are to establish a Caliphate, institute Sharia law and have Islam as the world religion. The article was pulled not because of potential criticism, but because it exposed all too publicly the game Islam uses to play victim.

The Blaze reported in another story that 100 demonstrators had gathered outside the White House in Washington, DC chanting, “Down, down, with the coup!”

A protestor, Alex Hamid, called on President Obama to speak out about democracy in Egypt saying, “A legitimate President has been kicked out of his presidency. And Egypt will be unstable until he gets back.”

That statement in and of itself speaks volumes.

While the Obama administration has been eerily silent, The Guardian has reported a statement was issued.

According to the Guardian:

The White House has rejected “false claims” that it is working with specific parties in Egypt to “dictate” how the country should proceed following this week’s military coup.

Breaking its recent silence over events in Cairo, the Obama administration released a statement reiterating that the US was “not aligned with, and does not support, any particular Egyptian political party or group”.

The statement came as Egypt appeared to prepare to swear in Mohamed ELBaradei, the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, as an interim prime minister. The Nobel peace laureate had been tipped for the post following the forced removal of Mohamed Morsi.

The announcement – which the Egyptian president’s office later rowed back on, suggesting that other options were being considered – was met by anger from Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood. “We reject this coup and all that results from it, including     ElBaradei,” Farid Ismail, of the Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), told the news agency Reuters. He added that ElBaradei was “Washington’s choice”, not that of the people of Egypt. That claim was rejected by the US.

Noting that the situation remained “very fluid”, the White House said that President Barack Obama “condemned the ongoing violence across Egypt and expressed concern over the continued political polarization”.

The statement continued: “The United States categorically rejects the false claims propagated by some in Egypt that we are working with specific political parties or movements to dictate how Egypt’s transition should proceed. We remain committed to the Egyptian people and their aspirations for democracy, economy opportunity, and dignity.

“But the future path of Egypt can only be determined by the Egyptian people.”

The statement, which followed a conference call between Obama and members of the National Security Council, broke days of silence from the president in regards to violence in Egypt.

As another article stated, there is the truth and then what comes out of Obama’s mouth. It would be a sure bet that US Ambassador of Egypt, Anne Patterson, received her instructions from the Obama Administration. Who in their right mind would believe this administration does not work with “specific political parties or movements?” Syria, anyone? This administration figuratively sang the praises of the Muslim Brotherhood upon the so-called “democratic” election of Morsi, not to mention propping the man up every chance they got. Obama is the quintessential hollowman. He stands for nothing.

If I recall correctly, there were rumored reports that the Muslim Brotherhood intimidated voters in this “democracy” of Egypt during the election process where Morsi won. One might could speculate and regard the last election as a “fake” one for who can be sure intimidation didn’t win over free choice. The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic organization. Islam is radical. Those in opposition to Morsi indicated by active protest their dissatisfaction with Muslim Brotherhood leadership (which was almost nil) and the leader was ousted. The majority of Egyptians spoke.

Dissatisfied with these turn of events, some Morsi supporters called on their backer, Barack Obama, while others viewed the coup as an “American and Israeli” conspiracy. It seems even they can’t decide which stance America maintains. This is not surprising when looking at actions of the Obama administration versus the statements made.

One thing is clear. When Islam rules, Islam dominates and disregards the rights of those who do not practice Islam; that is their democracy. Their view of democracy is that an “election” is final, a leader chosen is there for the duration: when that leader is of their persuasion and panders to their whims. Revolution by Islam rebels occur constantly against leaders who stray from what one faction or another of Islam views as true. Islam is the shining star of instability, violence, despotism and oppression; it will be nothing more. It is very difficult to build a civilized country or government when a basic understanding of “civilized” is lacking.

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