Murrieta Police Chief: We Aren’t Arresting People for Exercising the Right of Free Speech, Nor Would We

Every day in America we hear stories concerning the rampant abuse of police power. It is not uncommon to see videos portraying an out of control police officer exercising an inappropriate amount of force in an attempt to subdue a suspect, or in some cases just prove a point. This video, which shows officers harassing a man lawfully carrying a firearm, is a good example. Other examples include S.W.A.T teams conducting no knock raidsand in the process, wounding innocent bystanders. Still there are other examples, such as the officer who shot a 13 year old for carrying an airsoft rifle not facing any charges whatsoever. These incidents are disturbing, and when you consider the fact that the Department of Homeland Security is providing these law enforcement agencies with equipment made for combat, it becomes more disturbing still.

Law enforcement officers, like military members, swear an oath to support and defend the Federal Constitution, as well as their particular state’s constitution. They are also bound to uphold the laws of the municipality in which they are employed. It should be noted that the Constitution is the highest law of the land, and all laws they are expected to enforce should, in theory, be based on such. With this being said, it is hard to picture law enforcement taking this oath seriously when we are constantly bombarded with images of a fearsome police state. We, as the citizens these officers are sworn to protect and serve, begin to wonder where the loyalties of these officers really are.  We wonder if they will enforce orders to implement martial law and disarm the citizenry, for example, or will they refuse such orders, understanding the unconstitutional nature of them. Remember, any laws that go against the Constitution are null and void, period.

With all of this being said, I think if we have these worries, then we need to develop a different approach in how we deal with them. First and foremost, it’s important to remember that these officers are people too, and in many cases may, in fact, be overwhelmed with just as much confusion and uncertainty as we are. A prime example is the developing situation in Murrieta, California. Over the course of the last week, we have seen stories developing where local police are said to be gearing up with federal police in riot gear, in order to arrest protesters who are successfully turning around busses of illegal immigrants. Naturally, I was angered by this and sent the Chief of Police the following email:

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I am reading that you are gearing up to go arrest protesters that are standing firm against the illegal immigrants pouring into this country. As a former U.S. Marine, I would like to take the time to officially thank you for nothing. The freedoms our service men and women have fought and died for are being lost to a generation of progressive commies who could care less about the Constitution and the fact that it protects the individual, God-given rights of all American Citizens. People come from all over this world to be citizens of this great country and they are just as distraught over this border situation as anyone. They should be too, they did things the right way, made a life for themselves and now they watch as hordes of people, promised a free ride on their hard earned tax dollars, are being treated better than our own veterans whom we have sent off to fight B.S. wars. You, sir, swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of this nation, as well as your state. You are in violation of this oath, sir. What is occurring here is unconstitutional and against the law. You are doing nothing but isolating the people who you swore to protect and serve. The burden is on you, sir, to come to your senses and put your loyalties where they belong. The people that are extorted for their hard earned tax dollars to pay your salary and over bloated pension.

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As you can see I didn’t hold back, and I usually don’t, I have decided long ago that I will not be afraid to call people to task if need be. Amazingly, I received a reply from this police chief and to be honest with you, I picked up on a genuine sense of concern while reading it. I want to state that the fact he answered is a credit to his character and that his response made me think about a couple of things. Here is his reply:

The information you are reading is false. We have not arrested anyone for exercising their right of free speech, nor would we. People have a right to protest. Unfortunately, there is bad information floating around out there, including from some main-stream media sources. Many are trying to place the police in the middle of this situation to help serve their cause, and we (the police) are taking the brunt of people’s anger and frustration.


 Sean Hadden

Chief of Police

Murrieta P.D.

Is it possible that the police feel like they are also being used as pawns in a game where they don’t which way to turn? This is a testament to how much damage is actually caused by a Marxist administration that seeks to keep people divided, as opposed to united. While this one email doesn’t change the fact that we are witnessing a rapid escalation of a police state mentality in this nation, it does, I believe, show a need for organizations like Oathkeepers to be focused on their outreach missions to law enforcement.

There is an obvious benefit to those in power if the police and the people don’t trust each other. It’s important to get the word out to police officers and their commands that the people will have the backs of those that honor their oaths and stand for what is right, as opposed to blindly following orders they don’t understand. This could very well be the defining issue concerning the survival of our nation. We all know the left excels at propaganda, and it is not without question that there could be a concerted effort to keep police and the people from being on the same side. It isn’t even out of the question that people on the right may be responsible for this as well.

If this article peaked your interest, then you should look into becoming an Oathkeeper and help educate law enforcement on their responsibility to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law.

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