Mr. President are you really this Narcissistic & Self-Centered?

I know that I’ve been exceptionally hard on President Obama during the last six years. Even though I did not vote for him and knew he was a smooth talking con man, I still really wanted him to be a good president. But as time wore on, I saw that this was just not the case. Over the last six years he has acted like a media pop-star and has reveled in all the attention that the world laid at his feet before they asked to kiss them. Those of us on the right have been demonized and called every filthy name in the book, because we didn’t want to worship at the altar of the Messiah Barack Hussein Obama Jr. 

We have said all along that he’s an empty suit, that he’s disengaged and even very out-of-touch with regular Americans. The term “Narcissistic” has even been thrown into the verbal arena. But I don’t think some people really understand just what that means, I’m not talking about the dictionary definition of the word, but the reality of just what that word means.

Here, let me show you just what I’m talking about : 

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The office of the President of the United States of America is supposed to mean something. The American President is supposed to be the leader of the free world; he’s our front-man, a guy who all people should look up to. Sadly, Barack Obama, has taken that sacred trust and turned it into a running joke. This man truly believes his own one-sided press. He’s always “on.” What I mean by that is that he’s always desperately attempting to get people to not just like him, but love him. Thanks to the video above, you can really see for yourself that this man is truly so self-absorbed and so self-centered, that it is sad. 

In the video President Obama says :

“I think it’s useful for me to end by just reminding folks that in my first term, if I had a press conference like this, typically, everybody would want to ask about the economy, and how come jobs weren’t being created, and how come the housing market is still bad, and why isn’t it working?”

“You know what? What we did worked, and the economy is better. And when I say that we have just had six months of more than 200,000 jobs that hasn’t happened in 17 years, that shows you the power of persistence.”

“I thought that you guys were going to ask me how I was going to spend my birthday,” he said in exasperation as the conference broke into non-birthday questions. “What happened to the birthday thing?”

First and foremost; if he really thinks the economy is “doing better,” then he’s not as smart as he believes himself to be. More people are on some form of assistance from the government,then they were since the stock market crash of 1929. Almost 50 million people are on food stamps, that’s not “doing better,” that’s shameful! The only jobs “created” by this administration are government jobs ! That does not help they economy, that only burdens the tax payers. You don’t “help” the economy by raising taxes, the only one who benefits from that is the government. I will say that housing prices are starting to come-up a little, but that does not a “economic recovery” make.

But as the world descends into chaos, as our southern border is being over-run by illegal alien criminals and their babies, as Israel fights for it’s very existence, as Iran gets closer to having a nuclear bomb, this clown actually thinks the White House Press corps gives a damn about what he’s going to do for his “birthday”  on another vacation? 

That may have been the case not all that long ago…Thank God, that times have changed and people are starting to see just what kind of narcissistic buffoon Barack Obama really is.

That’s one thing he can’t blame Bush for; that’s between him and God.

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