Movies & The Un-American Activities Committee

The House Un-American Activities Committee has for decades been vilified by the left in this country. And no wonder. The left IS un-American, so it follows they would not take kindly to light being shown on their operations. Yes, I said it. The left in this country is un-American. (caveat: Some of the right in this country has tossed aside its American credentials as well.)

Some “red” flags are hanging out there for all of us to see where our own government is appeasing and further promoting the Muslim Radical Terrorist cause within the United States. An article by Frank Gaffney, Jr. suggests we recreate the HUAC to root out the Muslim sympathizers in our government. Mr. Gaffney is right on target with evidence of this actually happening in real time right in front of us. Our government is full of radicals who think it is just fine to implement and support the activities of Sharia loving Muslims. The goal? Obviously to further take down the constitutional principles we hold dear and thereby finish off the last vestiges of constitutional protections we rely upon. I doubt seriously that the leftists in our government think highly of Muslim Sharia laws. They could not care less. But used as a tool against our constitution, it fills the bill. And as we know, the means justify the ends, so any old tool will do. Islam is not just a religion. It is a political governmental ideology of control of all people. So pretending to use freedom of religion as the front for promoting Sharia law, the left can pull the wool over the eyes of the uneducated in our nation.

So here’s an idea. Mr. Gaffney is suggesting we resurrect the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Yes, but further, I think we should counter the left with their own medicine. The left is trying to wallpaper over the un-American activities of Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground, with none other than the very red Robert Redford producing a new movie pretending that the Ayers crowd was really the true blooded American patriot crowd. You’ve got to be kidding me! Well, of course Redford isn’t kidding. The next thing you know he’ll be producing a Jane Fonda bio-pic telling us she is the essence of apple pie and motherhood and wholesome American values. My idea? Counter movies with movies. Let’s have some movie wars. As long as we are suffering the onslaught of propaganda paid for by the communist left and the likes of George Soros, let’s give them tit for tat. BUT, our counter movies must expose the truth of what the left is doing and has done. Take their tool and turn it back on them, for crying out loud. Where are the movie producers who will make the bio-pic on what the Clintons actually are and what they’ve done to our country? Can we see a movie please that shows the damage Jimmy Carter did and how much he hates the Jewish religion? Please?

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Imagine the movie on the Obama’s and the Chicago Annenburg Foundation, along with all of his communists connections. The plot begins with some CIA operatives paying for a Kenyan communist to come to America to be educated and then the Kenyan knocks up an ambitious un-American American woman working for the father of Tim Geithner. Ford Foundation / Geithner and Obama’s mother (Yes, both the Ford and the Annenburg Foundations. Imagine that. So many Foundations…so little time.)

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Uh oh, I’m just remembering a movie that came out last year exposing the Kennedy family for what they actually did. HBO, or the History Channel (can’t remember which) pulled it. I never did get to see that one. As long as we are talking “underground,” how about talking “underground” movies. That is one step below “independent” movies. Underground movies are where you can only see them if you hide yourself away in someone’s cellar with some like-minded moles to watch….as the left drives the right farther into the fringes of acceptable society.

So how about it? Some “underground” movie makers out there? I think there are a lot of tea partiers and constitutionalists looking for some truth telling in the culture. I’ll buy the popcorn. Come to my house. Let’s do it!

Meanwhile back at the chronicles, we learned today the Muslim terrorists just blew up the government buildings in Oslo, Norway. 4 dead as I write this. The Scandinavians are not immune from the global damage being rained on all of us. Is multiculturalism dead yet? Nah, just a few Norwegians this time. Let’s appease some more Muslims.

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