This Mother’s Day Statistic Exposes the Real problem in Our Culture

On Thursday, we published a devastating summary of the bitter fruit of Obamaism. In case you missed it you can read it here.

But if I could pick out just one statistic that says it all about why American Exceptionalism is in decline, and we could very well be the generation that sees liberty lost in our time, it would be this one courtesy of Pew Research:

“A record 40% of all households with children under the age of 18 include mothers who are either the sole or primary source of income.”

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That is our entire problem as a culture in a nutshell, for the reasons this has taken place are the reasons we are in such dire straits as a people.

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It requires a culture-wide spiritual/moral breakdown that produces too much recreational sex outside of marriage, which leads to unplanned pregnancies, adultery, out-of-wedlock births (like I was), and divorce.

This breakdown of the family leads to a diminishing of traditional gender roles that maintain a civilized society, producing a generation of men who are really just boys that can shave. True masculinity is lost, and replaced by males-in-biology-only who have not been groomed by their fathers on how to be real men–for often their fathers aren’t there or don’t know themselves.

This diminishing of masculinity leads to gender confusion, problems with sexual identity, women who are abused by the men in their life (like my mom was) rather than protected, and the need for women to compensate for the loss of true manhood.

This loss of true manhood leads to more single-parent households or homes where mom’s primary role of nurturing the children is a luxury the family can no longer afford.

With mom not freed up to perform her God-give primary function, usually because dad is not performing his, this requires another entity to step in and compensate.

That entity becomes government, which is now primarily responsible for nurturing and discipling the next generation (which is why education is every state’s largest budget expenditure), as well as provide the basic necessities/safety net that a father was ordained by God to provide as a means of demonstrating the love and provision of the Heavenly Father in whose image we are all made.

With government replacing the role of the parents in the home and now the primary vehicle the next generation submits to (and not God), instead of raising independent, accountable, image-bearers who understand they have a higher purpose on earth than merely existing, we raise up a generation of dependent victims who don’t know how to think or act without government guiding their every step.

Thus the size of government grows, we eventually end up with more takers from the system then givers, and we end up right where we currently are now.

There is no economic theory that can change this, because we wouldn’t have the moral wherewithal to act on more liberty-minded economic theories to begin with. It would be like trying to teach calculus to a toddler. There is no reverse-engineering government program that incentivizes “good behavior” instead to fix this like “faith-based initiatives,” because that actually just cements the statist premise in the current generation’s mindset.

Believing government is the solution at all is a bad idea. Government exists for when we run out of solutions and act wickedly, like when I call the police because my neighbor and I couldn’t come to an agreement peacefully so now he’s threatening me with harm. Government is intended as the last line of defense against human nature, and asking government to do any more is assuming those within that government are somehow immune from the frailties of human nature that plague the rest of us. That assumption is always what eventually leads to elitism, which is what eventually leads to tyranny.

The problem is us. If men were angels they wouldn’t need government, and the closer we become to demons the more government we need.

You will not fix America without moral/spiritual revival. And that moral/spiritual revival will not come from government or any other ideology devised by man from the Right of Left.

“Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” 2 Corinthians 3:17


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