Mother Jones Welcomes CPAC into the Fold

Once again, the list of people who were not invited to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, is making more news than the event itself. CPAC’s latest purge has won praise from the uber-left organ Mother Jones. What could be more illustrative of how far CPAC has departed from rational, reasoned conservative discourse than a pat on the head from one of the most hard-left publications in the country?

In Friday’s edition of the vicious leftist attack machine Mother Jones, Tim Murphy scrawled a laudatory article titled, “Has the Conservative Political Action Conference Purged the Kooks?” Murphy praised the American Conservative Union, or ACU, and CPAC for not inviting clear right-wing voices like Allen West, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, Donald Trump, and, of course, me. Mother Jones was overjoyed that CPAC had shut us out of the political discussion among conservatives.

Once again, the establishment right takes its marching orders from what the destroyers on the left dictate. The right consistently allows the left to destroy our most effective voices – like Sarah Palin. Unequivocal voices like Palin’s are tarred and smeared, while the right instead offers up weak and meandering fools like John McCain – and stands by him even when he poses with al-Qaida leaders in Syria and insists that they’re “moderates.”

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The leaders of the conservative establishment are clearly more comfortable with the weakest and most liberal figures on the right than they are with genuine conservatives. And while CPAC will feature the latest flavor of the month, they abandon him or her as soon as the leftist sharks start circling. Conservative “leaders” won’t want to have anything to do with Ted Cruz once the left is finished smearing him, as they do every effective voice on the right.

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books.

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Mother Jones isn’t the only leftist rag applauding its new CPAC lapdogs. The Washington Post ran a snarky piece on the uninvited last week. Of course, yours truly was on the list, at No. 6. The Washington Post’s nasty leftist bias aside, it’s a subject worth covering, even if I have little good to say about some of the others on their list, which included Chris Christie, John McCain, former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, Sen. Mel Martinez and Newt Gingrich.

CPAC represents what is wrong with the right. In what I consider to be one of the biggest missed opportunities, CPAC does not address the gravest threats to this country. The now largely irrelevant ACU is driven by Muslim Brotherhood-tied Grover Norquist and his proselytizing partner, Suhail Khan. Their longtime chokehold on the ACU has weathered leadership and administration shake-ups.

And so over the past six years, the only CPAC events where jihad and Shariah were discussed were events that I organized:

Last year, there was such an outrage over CPAC’s ban of my event that the then-new President Al Cardenas called me and took a meeting with me before I appeared on the Breitbart “Uninvited” panel. He admitted that where “was a problem” with certain members of the ACU board, and that things would be different going forward. But, of course, they weren’t and they aren’t.

I did those historic, SRO events at CPAC in the hope that the ship would right itself. Education is the answer, and it was critical that we got the word out to the 12,000-plus attendees. But Grover Norquist is a formidable and well-financed adversary.

Why should CPAC have had me speak? Because I am fighting against the leftist/Islamic war against free speech – a topic of immense significance that I am sure got no mention at CPAC at all. I am embroiled in three free-speech lawsuits at home and two abroad. I have successfully sued and won (with the able legal counsel of American Freedom Law Center). We have set precedent and written into history good law in the defense of freedom. The First Amendment is the foundation of this country and the conservative movement. CPAC’s glaring omission speaks volumes about its agenda.

CPAC’s irrelevance and mealy mouthed “activism” gives Ron Paulbots and other saboteurs a priceless opportunity to hijack the event. And they do.

If CPAC represents the future of “the furthest right fringe,” then we have no future. And frankly, what’s so “right” about CPAC?

The right is on life support at a time when it should be standing in defense of free speech. This is most certainly should be our issue, our moment. There have been these moments in American history when right and wrong, good and evil were very clearly defined. The Republican Party was born at such a moment. We elected Lincoln at such a moment, and we took the country back from the slave party, the Democrats, at such a moment.

We need a moral and rational force to push back. We need a true “New Right.” CPAC had an opportunity to start building it. Instead, it has been snuffed out and stifled by the likes of Grover and his body double, Suhail.

We need a fierce offensive under a banner of individual rights and morality. I believe that such an intellectual movement would seize the collective conscience of this country. But when that movement arises, it will be no thanks to CPAC. If it wants praise for its efforts, it’ll have to look to Mother Jones.

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