It has been quite a week wouldn't you say? Pretty normal in the way our current Commander in Chief makes a fool of himself and a laughing stock of the nation; unusual, however, in the respect that we actually witnessed the Russian President run an op-ed in the New York Times in which he lectures us on his perceived falsities of American Exceptionalism. It seems that President Obama and Vladimir Putin have similar ideas when it comes to the greatness of this country, they both seem to believe that Americans should not view themselves as exceptional and to do so, in fact, is offensive to the rest of the world. To this notion I would ask the Russian president how many of his fellow communists would voluntarily enlist to fight for another's freedom based on principle alone with no promise of reward?

This week Rush Limbaugh remarked on the significance of this event by saying that a lecture from a communist in one of our major newspapers would not have been tolerated a mere two decades ago. Today there is indifference in the air as many Americans don't even understand their own exceptionalism, and due to the stench of political correctness many people find the term offensive as the idea of "All men being created equal" has taken on a new meaning. The belief that all people and cultures should be viewed as being "completely equal" in all aspects has caused Americans to question the notion of exceptionalism as if we are claiming to be better than everyone else. This has caused guilt in many people as we see the great and in many ways, unmatched accomplishments that we have achieved as a nation and compare them to many other countries where people long to come here. That guilt, in many ways, is what led to the demise of this nation.

In my last article "Is Russia Emerging as the Voice of Reason" I cited Diana West's new book "American Betrayal" where she refers to David Horowitz's belief that the defeat of Soviet Russia is what led to this sort of apathy where Americans no longer recognize the evils of communism. It is because there is no frame of reference in the minds of the current generation in which to compare our current obsession with collectivism to the abysmal failure such systems really are. Diane West continues to allude to the idea that the defeat of the Soviet empire actually created a guilty conscious as the collusions between Eastern and Western governments have been so deep throughout the twentieth century. In other words, according to Diane West, the East was able to call out the west with a guilt trip while the west tried to promote its free market values. To be more specific, Mikhail Gorbachev took offense to George H.W. Bush at the Malta summit in 1989 when Bush sought to espouse the free market principles that made America an exceptional nation, and thus, America turned further down the road of moral and cultural relativism. (American Betrayal, pp.50-51)

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If there was a single defining belief of the left, which best described the decline of this nation, it would be moral or cultural relativism. Not only did cultural relativism blind America to the evils of the left wing totalitarian regimes, it simply blinds us from evil all together as it has created a virtual fear of appearing to believe we may be better than another. Moral relativism is a tool used by the left to advance an agenda that we generally would not accept. As I have written in many articles, one of the goals of communism is to destroy the moral fabric that was America. It seems that they have been pretty successful in this endeavor as a value for life is being replaced by greed, selfishness and in many cases downright perverseness. We live in an age where there is actually a movement to have the age of consent (concerning the legal age in which a young adult can engage in sexual activity) repealed because some people believe that the act of pedophilia is more beneficial to children than it is harmful. (See Bruce Rinds Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples here). Atheist Richard Dawkins just recently made similar assertions. By breaking down the cultural morality of our nation and using the guilt produced by the act of taking offense, these deviants are able to advance their agenda one step at a time. The rise of multiculturalism allows these individuals to claim their deviance as being cultural in nature, and therefore, it is morally equal to any other culture. As long as Americans are afraid of standing on principle and of offending someone there is little to no chance that we will ever regain the moral high ground in this nation.

With all of this being said I would like to return to the issue of Obama and Putin. Neither President believes in American Exceptionalism. This, of course, would be expected from Putin, but to have a President denying the exceptionalism of the people he governs is a scary prospect indeed. This past week we witnessed the left wing media portray the foolishness of Obama and Kerry as part of a grand strategy while many right wing hosts simply refer to the surrender of America's superpower status as Obama's incompetence. I am going to argue that it is part of the left's plan to fundamentally transform the nation. I am going to argue that the illusion of Putin rising to the challenge and securing a deal with Syria was an overall strategy, not to make Obama look good, but to prove to Americans that we are not exceptional and that other nations are just as capable as we are, to allow another nation, in other words to share in the glory that the left in all their collective guilt and hatred of exceptionalism feels we have selfishly hoarded as the world's lone superpower.

Somewhere along the line the lies of moral relativity have convinced us that capitalism equals wealth inequality, and because our children have been inundated with words like equality and fairness since their first day in kindergarten, convincing them otherwise is nearly impossible. On the other hand when communism, or collectivism is referred to in such a manner where government mandated equality is moral and just, people accept it because no one wants to appear as being unfair and uncompassionate. The fact that government mandated equality generally means people are equally with nothing matters little as social justice education dictates that is a higher form of morality. In other words it is fairer that the government makes us all equally poor than it is to live in what they refer to as a "meritocracy," where our level of success is determined by our own efforts.

This is how the left has destroyed the moral compass of America, by making us appear immoral for judging evil. They have made us question our own conscience by sending us on a guilt trip for being exceptional. America, a failure to reconnect with the values that made us exceptional in the first place will spell the demise of our nation and the rise of communism and economic doom. Stop worrying about offending people and be ready to stand for truth no matter what the cost. Stay true to your families and stay true to yourself but most importantly, stay true to God America.

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