Mom Found Guilty of Disorderly Conduct After Refusing TSA Pat Down

Andrea Abbott, 42, of Clarksville, Tennessee was convicted of disorderly conduct in Nashville for berating Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers who attempted to pat down her teenage daughter and then refused to submit to the procedure herself at a Tennessee airport back in July 2011. Note for Breitbart writer Dana Loesch: This is what standing up against the tyranny of the TSA looks like, not going along with it.

The jurors deliberated four house before reaching the verdict. The sentence could have resulted in Abbot facing thirty days in jail and a $50 fine. However, the judge placed her on a one year probation due to the fact that she has no criminal record.

Her attorney Brent Horst said that she was disappointed with the verdict but believes she received a fair trial. “She just wanted to stand on principle, because she felt that she had done nothing wrong,” said Horst, who handled the case pro bono. “And I admire her for that.”

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Here was the prosecution's argument. They claimed that Abbott's behavior “prevented others from carrying out their lawful activities." this they said amounted to the state's definition of "disorderly conduct."

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One wonders why the TSA pat downs, naked body scanners and other intrusive unwarranted and without probably cause violations of the Fourth Amendment are not deemed "unlawful."

While Abbot and her attorney concede that she was frustrated and very opinionated on the matter, it was an issue of a First Amendment right to speak out against what was taking place. “Telling a police officer your opinion, even in strong language, to me that’s a First Amendment right,” Horst told reporters.

The Leaf Chronicle reports,

Abbott and her daughter went through a metal detector and TSA Officer Karen King was sent to conduct a pat-down. King testified that before the pat-down, Abbott yelled in her face that she didn’t want anyone “touching her daughter’s crotch.”

Abbott was accompanying her daughter to the gate but not flying herself. She eventually allowed her daughter to undergo the pat-down, but then refused one for herself. By that point, airport police officer Jeff Nolen had been called and he testified that he asked her several times to calm down, but she wouldn’t.

“You’re not putting your (expletive) hands on me, this is (expletive),” he recalled Abbott saying.

Nolen said he then arrested Abbott, who he said continued to curse and call officers pedophiles. Abbott had lived in Clarksville when she was charged and has since moved to Texas.

A surveillance video was brought in by Abbot's attorney that demonstrates that she was not holding up the line. In fact, people were going around her.

This is a case where Big Brother doesn't want any of its sheep speaking their mind about such things as sexual assault disguised as "security measures."

Horst said in his closing arguments, “Since 9/11, we’re losing a lot of freedom, and we have to draw the line somewhere."

I agree. Anyone remember certain political figures both then and now that told us how much terrorists hate us for our freedoms? I ask you, when you look at the freedoms we've lost as Americans since September 11, 2001, who have been the real terrorists who have removed our freedoms and dismantled the Constitution. I'll give you a hint. They wear a "D" and a "R" on their political team's jersey.

Here's the surveillance video:

Here is the report, with comments from the prosecution and defendant's attorney:

WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports

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