DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary Removes Muslim Brotherhood R4BIA From Twitter Profile, Or Does He?

Department of Homeland Security adviser Mohamed Elibiary continues to show that his Muslim Brotherhood ties are deep. Removing his “R4BIA” symbol on his Twitter profile due to outside pressure and our report, he now is tweeting out #AntiCoup, which is decidedly pro-Muslim Brotherhood. He has also used Twitter to criticize Coptic Christians in Egypt. Is there any doubt where this high ranking DHS official stands? The proof is on social media and it is more than telling. This is terror in one of the highest offices in the land.
Mohamed Elibiary
Mohamed Elibiary

The R4BIA symbol was brazen. It is the symbol for the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the world, and for the “unification of the Muslim world.” Mohamed Elibiary had this symbol on his twitter profile for all the world to see, only removing it Friday after a certain amount of pressure was applied. But this hasn’t stopped him from tweeting support for the Islamic militants.

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Mohamed Elibiary explains the removal of the R4BIA symbol from his profile four minutes after tweeting out his support for the movement. And it’s place he is using #AntiCoup. Mohamed Elibiary is a deceptive liar.

But what is interesting is that in this tweet he says that supports the democracy and human rights efforts, he also has #AntiCoup in the tweet. He hasn’t changed his allegiance at all. In fact, he’s leading twitter users straight to it. The #AntiCoup is #R4BIA.

This is what Mohamed Elibiary is supporting, the Anti-Coup led by Muslim Brotherhood supporters. The Egyptian Military takeover of the Mohamed Morsi Government, which was a Muslim Brotherhood “pro-democracy” government, are now staging an “Anti-Coup” to stop the military from ridding Egypt of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Several confrontations erupted in Cairo, as members of the so-called Anti-Coup Alliance – a group of mainly Islamist forces led by the Brotherhood – attempted to march on Tahrir Square, the former revolutionary epicentre which is now cordoned off by barbed wire and phalanxes of police and troops. Morsi supporters also held posters of the “four-fingered salute”  – the new symbol of those supporting the deposed President and the Muslim Brotherhood – during a protest in front of soldiers near the Rabaa Al-Adawiya mosque.

The Anti-Coup Alliance aims to restore the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt, and the R4BIA. Elibiary isn’t hiding where he stands. This is just a ruse to get people off his back and to make it appear that he is isn’t a full fledged member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Obama Administration has gone to painful lengths to elevate the Muslim Brotherhood, even going so far as to cut off aid to Egypt in recent days. The Brotherhood blood is thick. But thicker still is the ties of Islam.

Elibiary’s tweets aimed at “Islamophobes” and Coptic Christians in Egypt in recent weeks have been very aggressive.

Mohamed Elibiary is making the claim that Coptic Christians in Egypt are the ones causing “Islamophobia” in Egypt. Why is a high level DHS official tweeting hateful anti-Christian messages to begin with? He’s an Islamic militant in the DHS. Being anti-Christian is a prerequisite.

Elibiary cannot hide his staunch support for the Muslim Brotherhood. Removing the ominous R4BIA symbol from his Twitter profile does nothing to erase his ties to the Brotherhood. “The R4BIA platform page makes extensive positive references to Sayyid Qutb, a Muslim Brotherhood leader executed in 1966 who explicitly called for violent jihad against infidels; his books are replete with massive anti-Semitic and anti-Christian dogma and conspiracies such as the Jews’ control of world finance.”

And the aim of the Obama Administration is clear. They are Islamic wolves in disguise, skilled in deception, and using “Christian” ties as fronts. The fact Elibiary is so open with his Brotherhood allegiance is further proof that he has no one to fear. The #R4BIA might be closer than imagined.

Editor’s Note: In Janna’s previous article I updated with Twitter contact from Elibiary. I mistakenly pointed out that Homeland Security had labeled the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorists. It was, in fact, an Army manual.

However, upon hearing of our interaction with Elibiary, Freedom Outpost contributor Pamela Geller replied to Freedom Outpost, “Mohamed Elibiary’s claim that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a terrorist group is only accurate in that the clueless and compromised State Department hasn’t designated it one. But Egyptians know better: when they were overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood government recently, there were numerous banners in Cairo denouncing Obama for supporting terrorism — i.e., the Muslim Brotherhood. The demonstrators knew that the Brotherhood had a long record of terrorizing secular Egyptians and Christians, and only increased such activity when in power. The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization, Mohamed Elibiary is a Brotherhood operative, and he has no business being in the Department of Homeland Security.”

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