Minoritarianism: Our Future Or Not?

The united States of America, under the Constitution, is a great nation – one created by men holding to self-evident truths and through divine providence, established a republic where free men dwelled.  The government they created, through limited authority and separation of power between the branches of that government, served to secure the God-given individual unalienable rights of the people.  Today, the united States of America looks nothing like the republic established by our forefathers.  The departure from the Constitution being the supreme law of the land has devolved this once great republic into a land ruled by the minority.  To put it simply, the united States of America is now under minoritarianism.

Minoritarianism, according to Wikipedia and confirmed with other sources, is “the political structure or process in which a minority segment of the population has a certain degree of primacy in that entity’s decision making.”  It can also be called a “dominant minority” – “a minority group that has overwhelming political, economic, and/or cultural dominance in a country.”  Whichever term one chooses to use, the concept is the same – a minority group has taken control of the united States of America.

But, in America, it is not just one minority group that has taken hold, vying for political, economic, social, and cultural dominance;  it is several.  Moreover, these different minority groups joining forces presents a clear and present danger to this nation.  And, that is exactly what we are seeing culminate right before our very eyes.

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Americans have already seen the emergence of the “black robed oligarchy” where the executive and legislative branches capitulate to the judicial rulings of the Supreme Court, calling their decisions “law” in violation of the Constitution – only the legislative branch can make law.  But, we are seeing the emergence of lower court judges, one individual or only a handful of individuals, rule against a constitutionally authorized power of the executive, with the executive capitulating as if a lower court of the judicial branch can interfere in the executive’s constitutional authority.  When the legislative branch passes immigration law, which it is constitutionally authorized to do, that allows the president to cease entry from foreign nations hostile to the US, that power given by the legislature to the president is considered constitutional.

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We witnessed the emergence of extreme anti-constitutionalism to a fever-pitch that has engulfed many congressional representative and Senators – Democrat and Republican alike.  The Women’s March, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, March for Our Lives, The Nation of Islam, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Muslim Brotherhood, Everytown for gun control, the LBTGQ and “transgender” movements, the No Borders groups, Democratic Socialists of America, communist and fascist groups, Holly-weirdo elites, as well as a host of others, have joined forces to exert a considerable political, economic, social and cultural influence upon the various levels of government to the point that unalienable rights are morphing into “government sanctioned privileges”.  Aided by the lamestream entertainment enemedia and social media platforms silencing of constitutionalists and those supporting constitutional principles and government, these groups enjoy unimpeded access to spread their “agenda” and anti-American sentiment to the masses.

We witnessed the rise of the militarized police state where police can shoot first and ask questions later.  Questioning the police can get one arrested just as refusing to answer can.  Everything is considered criminal, even when there is no crime in progress.  A people considered “free” with God-given individual unalienable rights are expected to “sit down, shut up, submit, comply and follow instructions without question.”  Citizens are illegally searched just to board a plane or attend a local political meeting.  Failure to comply means one doesn’t board a plane or participate in local government.  Those holding to self-evident truths are considered the enemy, the radicals, the threats to government and society instead of those who are engaged in minoritarianism.

Individuals once borne free in the united States of America are now shackled to being debt slaves and slaves to unconstitutional government rules and regulations, while learning to be subservient to minoritarianism through malignment, name-calling, and harassment.  Our children, borne into this slave society, learn subservience to government and minoritarianism through government run indoctrination centers, aka schools and universities, which perpetrate the lie of “white privilege” to instill “white guilt” in order to shame a significant portion of the next generation into subjugation to this new form of “rule by minority groups.”  And, no, minority group used in that context is not pointing to racial groups, but political minority groups using the false narrative of “white privilege” to enslave a new generation of Americans while cultivating “victimhood” in others.

The gift given to future generations by our founding fathers is eroding ever more rapidly as these minority groups unite to become the “dominant minority”.  As long as the “dominant minority” serves the government interest, this “dominant minority” will be elevated to higher political power.  Once the goal of government has been achieved, it will use its strong arm, the militarized police, to quell any further semblance of the “dominant minority”.   There will be no need to quell constitutionalists and those supporting constitutional principles and government;  because, law-abiding citizens have proven their propensity to follow the law, even unconstitutional law that should be rejected through civil disobedience and nullification by the States, through threat of force.  And, too many citizens do not know the Constitution or its meaning as relayed by the founders through the Federalist Papers to confidently stand upon its supremacy.

Americans cannot even agree that the freedom of speech encompasses speech that is distasteful, hateful, biased, prejudiced, racist, or bigoted much less discern the difference between a God-given individual unalienable right, an invented right, and a privilege.  Government and dominant minorities have done their job well.  While we can recognize problems and project the possible future outcomes should these problems continue unabated, it becomes more difficult to formulate a solution to the problems operating within a system that has become embroiled in controversy, corruption, favoritism, cronyism and ideology, not to mention fraud and criminal activity.  Many Americans are barely surviving financially in this environment.

If there were a magic wand one could wave to restore this historical nation to its founding principles and enlighten the minds of those who have been tainted with unconstitutional ideology, it would be tempting to use it because it would mean gaining freedom without sacrifice.  But, freedom does not come without sacrifice.  By now, we should have learned that and when we sacrifice freedom, we never regain that freedom.  We lose more freedom until we live in an atmosphere of injustice.

Submitting to the “dominant majority” is no better than the “dominant minority” since both result in the loss of freedom and the rise of injustice.  Furthermore, deviating from rule by the Constitution to the rule of men exposes us to the same, as we have witnessed now for decades.

The solution to the problems we face is a return to government abiding by, supporting, defending and protecting the Constitution.  But, as someone once said several times over, “if the solution to the problem is so simple, you don’t understand the problem.”   The solution is a simple one;  however, the steps that must be taken to reach that solution are complicated.  With a populous the size of the united States of America, no one is going to agree on everything.  But, there is one thing we all need to agree upon and should – the Declaration of Independence outlines our defining principles and the Constitution for the united States of America is the supreme law of the land and all branches of government are to adhere to it.

Alas, it is feared the time to agree upon even those premises has passed.  Americans are very tolerant people.  In fact, we are tolerant almost to a fault.  We’ve allowed ideologies anathema to our form of government established by the Constitution to take root and flourish under the guise of “freedom.”  While freedom allows differing opinions, ideas and thoughts among people, freedom does not mean the people subscribing to these ideologies can subvert the Constitution and the government it established, effectively instituting their “rule” over others.  No group of men or one man has dominion over another;  but, that is exactly what we are seeing and experiencing in a country once dubbed, ” the land of the free and home of the brave.”

Our tolerance has allowed subcultures to develop where immigrants cling to the culture and ways of nations left behind.  Instead of assimilating to a culture of freedom, these immigrants seek to subvert, and have to some extent, our government to mimic governments from which they fled.  Any opposition to this is dubbed “isolationism, nationalism, and bigotry.”  Multiculturalism is to be accepted despite history confirming that multiculturalism destroys nations.  We are now paying the price for our “over-tolerance.”

As wave after wave of invasion forces storm our borders, citizens are expected to “stand down” as the “dominant minority” welcomes these invaders, awards them privileges reserved for citizens, and commits citizens to supporting these invaders through entitlement programs while they further erode our freedoms and eradicate our sovereignty.  Any resistance, meaning upholding constitutionally passed law and just law, is “intolerant.”

There have been numerous defining moments in the history of the united States.  We now stand upon another.  How the citizenry and government handle this defining moment will determine our fate.  Will the “dominant minority” and invading forces win out or will it be constitutionalists and those who support the Constitution and our founding principles?  Remember, the “dominant minority” is like an aggressive dog – one cannot have a conversation with it while it is steadily attacking you.  While at one time thinking these fringe extreme anti-constitutionalists (dominant minority) as redeemable, these individuals no longer are redeemable because they subscribe to minoritarianism and government has rewarded them for their political ideology.  The question is what will win out – the Constitution or minoritarianism?  Looking at recent history, this nation will be under minoritarian rule in short order.

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