"In another recorded conversation, Farah told the informant he would kill FBI agents 'if our backs are against the wall,' prosecutors said." More of the poison fruit of Obama's disastrous immigration policies. He is bringing Muslims into this country without making any effort to determine if they have jihadist ties or sympathies. And he is bringing them here in large numbers.

"Somali Muslim in Minnesota Who Joined ISIS Vowed to 'Spit on America' at Border," by Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage, May 22, 2015:

Maybe it's time we stopped importing huge numbers of Somalis into this country. We seem to have enough people on welfare and terrorists without them. And this is what we get in return from them.

One Minnesota man accused of trying to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State group told an informant he'd kill FBI agents if they tried to stop him, while another told friends he'd "spit on America" at the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a document filed Thursday by prosecutors.

The document reveals new details about Mohamed Abdihamid Farah and Abdirahman Yasin Daud, both 21. They are among six Minnesota men arrested last month for conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

Daud also allegedly said at least once that his family knew he was going to Syria and they "won't say a word." He also spoke of getting an assault rifle in Syria and said he, Farah and the informant would become martyrs.

Which means the family should also be charged, and then preferably denaturalized and deported. All this is going on with the knowledge of Somali Muslim communities. The Little Mogadishus they embedded in America are also Little ISIS states.

In a conversation recorded as Daud, Farah and the informant were driving to San Diego, Daud allegedly said: "I'm going to spit on America at the border crossing."

He's been spitting on America all this time anyway.

In another recorded conversation, Farah told the informant he would kill FBI agents "if our backs are against the wall," prosecutors said.

It seems to be our backs that are against the wall. We're importing ISIS into America. Maybe it's time we stopped doing that.

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