Who is the target market for this device? Local Police, TSA, DHS, UN "Peace Keeping FORCES," Border Patrol? Once this device is in the hands of these gangs, I mean law enFORCEment, you can say good-bye to your 4th Amendment rights. How long will it take before the "Mini Z" is installed in places like entrances to stadiums, shopping malls, motor vehicle inspection centers? How would you even know the local police are making a sweep of your neighborhood and scanning every home? As criminal and out of control as our government and "law enFORCEment" have become, this would be a use for this device. No one would even be aware of what was happening.

Once DARPA uses our money–taxpayer funds–to reverse engineer the device then it will get very interesting. How much smaller will DARPA be able to make this device? Will it be small enough to install alongside the endless cameras that permeate the landscape? Of course this device will be sold as being for your safety and protection or better still, "for the children."

Be on the lookout at the next rally or anywhere there are more than two people gathered together having a lively conversation, for surely they will be "terrorists" and need to be x-rayed from head-to-toe.

What can a person do to avoid having this thing "see" everything they are carrying? Including your legal conceal-carry weapon for self-defense? What are the odds of someone showing up at the mall with their legal conceal-carry weapon and this thing "sees" it in Ms. Smiths' purse? What then? Gang-tackled by a group of criminals all dressed alike in full riot gear or simply shot-on-sight as a "threat"? This is not a slippery-slope, it is a fully greased slope that is lined with the remnants of our 4th Amendment.


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