Factoid of the day from Richard Baehr: "It is worth noting that Massachusetts adopted an Obama care plan of sorts, and now has, by far, the highest health insurance premium rates in the country. Massachusetts was not a state with a high percentage of uninsured before their health reform plan was adopted. So they got some more people insured, at a cost of much higher premiums for everybody else."

I would add to that, the citizens of Massachusetts were forced into that state run insurance program, just like you and I will be forced into Obama's "utopian" nightmare of state run health care.

Today my life feels like a bridge, coming from one generation in time to another generation in time, traveling from some blissful sunny days of freedom moving into some unrecognizable dark fog of restrictive bondage. One side of the river to the other, from eagerly accepted personal responsibilities for my own life and my family, moving into forced responsibilities for some strangers' lives. Not for friends and families' lives, but for some unknown diverse group of people who have no connection to me whatsoever. I am being asked to be responsible for people who have no allegiance to the principles I hold dear. Responsibilities to a society that now does not reflect truth, honesty, moral character, nor adherence to freedom and natural law. Today it all seems surreal. Many of the people in my own generation were closet socialists and anti-Americans and hid their subversive ideas until now. Now that a bad election has unleashed the venom of their poisonous hate for freedom. It has been a shock to find myself 3/4 of the way across the bridge of my life to see ahead a very black hole that was being dug underneath the supports of my bridge and nothing but that thick horrible fog ahead. Worse is the thought that my children and grandchildren are heading straight into that collapsing bridge and I don't seem to have the power to protect them from the collapse. I rest my hopes in God for help and guidance.

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The only thing I feel I do have the power to do is to unleash my own ability to transfer what knowledge I have and can find to keep them from losing their way. Filling that black hole with better ideas, truth, and hope is all we can do at this point. Clearing away the fog long enough to catch a glimmer of enlightenment from someone who offers wisdom. Today I offer Milton Friedman, speaking on the subject of Socialized Health Care. This speech was given at the Mayo Clinic in 1978, but the message is as strong as ever.

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