The Million American Marches – Ideas for Using the First Amendment Until We See Victory

In my last article, I mentioned that a “Million Mother March” would shake up DC but good. Now I want to offer more suggestions for you to consider and implement. For each of these, bring cameras and keep them rolling, with instant upload to YouTube or more reliable sites that don’t scrub. Contact Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Freedom Outpost, or anyone else who may appreciate your stand.

130911102229_washington-skylineMillion Car Parking Lot. A simple idea. One million patriots and assorted troublemakers drive to DC and surround the capitol city, turning off engines simultaneously. Each car should have a driver and at least one passenger. Park and wait. When police arrive, refuse to move. How many can they arrest? If the police draw guns, people need to surround the police to show there will be no bloodshed. After a time, one person from each car marches to the White House to surround it. The other person in each car watches for vandals, crooks, and so forth. At the White House, a list of demands can be presented. When the laughter dies down, a march through the gates is next. Will the king’s guard start shooting the serfs? Or will there be air attacks as drones, even gas, such as Assad might use? While all this sounds radical, it brings the true fascism to the surface, to confront and conquer now.

Million Visitor Breakthrough. Organize trips to national parks and monuments. Make sure you have at least 1000 visitors to each. Libertarian youth will gladly help. Contact Congressmen and Senators for that district, asking to join you. Walk through the barriers, and past the mounted police. Invoke “public property” as such and don’t take no for an answer. If the way is blocked by police, keep marching. What are they going to do, shoot you? With cameras rolling?? Click here to see Michelle Malkin’s article today.

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Million Veteran Invasion. Organize a march to DC to occupy the necessary spaces. Contact VFW, American Legion, and other veteran organizations. Call Mark Levin to make good on his promise to bring 100,000 veterans. Once there, make the appropriate demands that all veterans espouse: (1) follow the Constitution as it benefits the citizens, not the politicians, (2) end the endless wars overseas and make the Mexican border a priority, (3) stop experimenting on our soldiers, (4) overhaul the VA to streamline healthcare.

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Million Citizen Convention. Fifty states. 20,000 people to each state capital. That’s one million people. Demand the legislature agree to an Article V convention, per Liberty Amendments. Occupy the State House as they did in Wisconsin. Don’t leave until the States agree to hold a convention designed to amend the Constitution. Levin is a good start but there are other things to consider: (1) not 435 Representatives but 1 for every 40,000 people, per the Constitutional maximum, giving most counties their own representation, (2) repeal the 26th Amendment, which gives 18-21-year-olds the right to vote; these have no perspective, property, or education enough to participate, and this is proven by history and experience; approved in 1971, this has contributed greatly to the communist takeover of America. Don’t fear Article V or Karl Rove.

Why? The power of the people is in their numbers. There is little left now to influence the federal government except the threat of expulsion or worse. While we can still vote, who do vote for? While we can try from our easy chair, that doesn’t work. It’s time to march, march, march, right up to the White House door.

Disclaimer. I realize many see this as mob rule, but Tea Party gatherings have proven that we don’t have to be anarchists or slobs. We can assemble peaceably. However, these are not one-day jaunts. These are committed events which show determination, draw media and sympathy, and make progress towards our fundamental truths, the Bible, the Constitution, the family, private property, and individual rights of the peaceful.

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