A new report, the Military Voter Protection Project, indicates that voter turnout among the U.S. military serving overseas will be expected to reach an all-time low this year. Apparently the number of absentee ballot requests from those in uniform is "extremely disappointing," the report says.

Newsmax reports,

The report shows that in Ohio, one of the crucially important states, only 3.3 percent — 1,806 out of 53,963 — eligible military voters have requested ballots.

Other swing states are even worse, Virginia requests stand at just 1.4 percent and North Carolina's rate is 1.7 percent.

Even Florida, which has the highest percentage of requests among nine states surveyed, can only muster a 15.7 percent rate.

Eric Eversole, the project's founder and executive director said, “While military voters have long suffered from low participation rates, these numbers are extremely disappointing. Election Day 2012 could result in an all-time historic low for military voter participation."

In addition to the low military vote from the report, the Obama administration issued a law suit that was aimed at military votes.

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