‘Military Phonies’ Bloggers Stalk Innocent Vietnam-Era Veteran Wayne Hayden

In a despicable violation of the code of honor we expect from our military, a group of former and active duty US Military are falsely targeting and pursuing 62 year old disabled veteran, Wayne Hayden, with the stated goal to end his days. The harassment—which started a year ago over a frivolous personal beef for control of a Facebook page—has now turned predatory. For Wayne Hayden, it has meant a year of personal and financial loss that has left him near destitution.

A blog “Military Phonies Poser Disposer,” operated by a group of former soldiers—many of them well-trained killers—takes on the understandable task of outing those who pretend to be decorated members of our US military. I support legitimate efforts to expose violations of the Stolen Valor Act. However, this group, who proudly call themselves “Hunters” have taken this effort to a deadly level and will not listen to reason. Their blog documents (and celebrates) the deaths of those they pursue. They have clearly left the reservation.

Recently, after publishing an article on Wayne Hayden and the victims of the Ft. McClellan disaster, the content was attacked by several men claiming Wayne Hayden was a liar, embellished his service history, never handled nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, and was never stationed at Ft. McClellan. The comments below the article, made by John Cook aka Jack Lord, Chris Sanders and Tim Gardner (all admittedly connected to the Military Poser blog) publicly attacked Hayden’s character and reputation. All of their false allegations referenced links (which they provided) to a defamatory “Military Phonies” blog post and prior Facebook interactions with Hayden. Not only did they attack Hayden, but they revealed a pattern of strikes against Hayden’s privately run Colorado Foundation “Saving our Soldiers.”

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I have all of Wayne Hayden’s service history and medical records (provided by Wayne; we redacted only his Social Security Number; all available to the public by clicking the links provided). I have had them meticulously scrutinized by a former high ranking non-commissioned officer. These records serve as proof that Wayne Hayden served honorably in the US Army during the Vietnam War, and yes, during his first enlistment, he was for a time, stationed at Ft. McClellan. These records will hold up in any court. With Mr. Hayden’s permission, I am providing them to the readers. This stops today.

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The Military Phonies blog claims to have acquired these very same military records through a legal Freedom of Information (FOIA) request. However, the group pursuing Hayden, led by a man named Scottie Hughes, has never included these alleged FOIA requests with posts on Hayden or any other veteran they claim misrepresents their military service. Given “Military Phonies” refusal to provide these FOIA requests when asked and that this group includes active duty military (i.e.one Eric Skinner E6), which have access to private military files, I question the legitimacy and legality of “Military Phonies” record acquisition and blog posts. Therefore, I am pursuing steps to ask both the Department of Defense and the Office of Inspector General to look into this matter. I ask for your help in questioning the DoD and IG how these records were obtained.

I am not making these allegations frivolously. As proof I offer the following:

A year ago, after Scott Hughes, and a small group of “Military Poser” Hunters contentiously hijacked a Facebook page run by Wayne Hayden, the original post and salacious attacks originating on the “Military Phonies” blog began. Soon after, Hayden found himself pursued by these self-anointed cyber warriors, orchestrating an organized internet assault everywhere Hayden appeared to support his foundations work helping veterans. After Hayden’s request for production of “Military Phonies” FOIA request and removal of the false post went unaddressed, the false characterization of Hayden’s military service on the “Military Phonies” Blog and Facebook elevated.

Derogatory and grossly misinterpreted Colorado Secretary of State (S.O.S.) documents for Hayden’s registered and privately funded foundation were also posted to “Military Phonies” Blog as well as various compromising places on the public internet. It also bears mentioning that Hayden’s foundations website participants (veterans in need) were also contacted by affiliates of the “Military phonies” blog, and further personal attacks were undertaken. Moreover, Hayden’s efforts to help veterans though his group “Saving our Soldiers” experienced irreparable damage due to a drop in donations. From January of 2013 through November 2013—the period Hayden was pursued by “Military Phonies” affiliates—Wayne Hayden’s finances tanked.

Sixty two year old Wayne Hayden, a disabled Vietnam era veteran, lives on a little over $1000 in personal monthly income. He endures the very real threat of homelessness. Yet, somehow, he continues to pursue helping veterans in need.

I have reviewed the Colorado Secretary of State’s records (2011-2013) and have found no improper use of funds. Neither has the Colorado SoS. As a percentage of total contributions, Hayden’s self-run and singularly staffed foundation operates above existing Colorado statutes requiring 65% of donations to be used for direct help of foundation beneficiaries. Saving our Soldiers, a private legal for profit Colorado foundation, gives back 67% of donations to veterans; a stellar achievement when compared to larger tax exempt IRS not-for-profits operating today. However, “Military Phonies” blog affiliates continue to pursue their ignorant attacks.

Saving our Soldiers records from the Colorado Secretary of State.
Saving our Soldiers records from the Colorado Secretary of State.


I reached out to “Military Phonies” blog founder and his affiliates—in a peaceful and civil manner–in an attempt to set the record straight and clear Wayne Hayden’s name. I had planned to reveal—when Hayden’s permission could be obtained—the necessary proof to refute “Military Phonies” false claims of Hayden’s embellishment. The moment I privately contradicted “Military Phonies” affiliate John Cook aka Jack Lord, he launched a personal attack against my credibility as a writer and a patriot. He threw down the gauntlet (Editor’s note: Cook did this via our Facebook page. We responded that we would be providing this article and the evidence, deleted the conversation and banned him). I gave him an ultimatum. Withdraw the post on Hayden, issue a public retraction and an apology or suffer the consequences of exposure, investigation and potential suit. He and Chris Sanders refused to back away from their pursuit of Hayden, and now me. These interactions and internet conversations can be found here and here.

I ask the general public to review the evidence I have provided (Click on the links to review the evidence). Clearly, Hayden’s confirmed service record supports his honorable service and entitlement to the rightfully earned disability benefits—he is currently fighting for—yet, is not receiving. Clearly, “Military Phonies” is responsible for a pattern of potential harassment and cyber stalking that requires restriction, investigation and prosecution. In my opinion, Federal cyber stalking laws have been violated and an honorable veteran’s character, reputation, legacy and financial position has been damaged, not to mention his ability to help fellow veterans has been diminished.

It has been suggested–by a source that would rather remain anonymous—that “Military Phonies” may be complicit in the suicide of a Texas veteran suffering from PTSD, enduring alleged “hunter” cyber pursuit. I am looking into this as well.

John Cook (aka Jack Lord), proud “Military Phonies” hunter, has suggested that Wayne Hayden is responsible for the pain and emotional trauma he has endured from attacks by the “Military Phonies” blog. Mr. Cook seems to believe, it is a private citizen’s responsibility to provide the necessary proof required to earn Cook’s and “Military Phonies'” godlike absolution for crimes Hayden and others, never committed. He is mistaken. The law is clear, and you John Cook, are not law enforcement. You are just a small man who has trampled on the Army code you once honored and have now betrayed.

Bring it fellas. If you think the first round was tough, challenge me to the second. There is much yet to be revealed. Bring the post down, issue a retraction and apology, and this dog will withdraw.

If anyone can offer pro bono legal assistance to Wayne Hayden, please contact me through the Editor, Tim Brown. For those wishing to donate to Wayne Hayden’s foundation “Saving Our Soldiers” he can be contacted through his website www.saving-our-soldiers.org. Thank you.

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