Michelle Obama’s Radical Racism That Pushes Third World Ideology on America

In my previous article provided evidence that Michelle Robinson Obama was not the pure and innocent lady that she desires for people to view her as, but rather uses radical racism to push an ideology that she promoted in her college days. She was, and is a racist to the core. Michelle Robinson Obama did not want the races to be “together,” but rather wanted them to be segregated. Now what do you think would happen if one of the other previous presidents’ wives had come up with separation of the races? We seriously doubt that they would have been able to do that because it would have been declared a racist idea that would anger the “non-whites.” However, let us continue to show just what the present first lady did while in college.

Let me remind you that Michelle Robinson was a board member of the radical campus group known as the Third World Center (TWC). According to the TWC’s constitution:

“The term ‘Third World’ implies[,] for us, those nations who have fallen victim to the oppression and exploitation of the world economic order. This includes the peoples of color of the United States, as they too have been victims of a brutal and racist economic structure which exploited and still exploits the labor of such groups as Asians, Blacks, and Chicanos, and invaded and still occupies the homelands of such groups as the Puerto Ricans, American Indians, and native Hawaiian people. We therefore find it necessary to reeducate ourselves to the various forms of exploitation and oppression. We must strive to understand more than just the basics of human rights. We must seek to understand the historical roots and contemporary ramifications of racism if Third World people are to liberate themselves from the economic and social chains they find themselves in.”

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According to Charles C. Johnson, whom we cited previously:

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Brasuelle, director of the Third World Center from 1981 to 1983 and a friend and mentor to Michelle during and after Princeton, was herself no stranger to controversy. According to a Daily Princetonian columnist, she described the campus climate as “racist” and worried about “a lack of understanding of Third World [non-white] people.” (Barton Gellman, “Rebuilding Race Relations,” Daily Princetonian, October 16, 1981). In May 1983, Brasuelle joined calls for a minority dean, writing that “[Princeton] cannot afford to ignore our commitment to Affirmative Action with token representation of Latinos on the administrative level.” Michelle’s mentor left Princeton for a position as vice president of academic affairs at Kentucky State University at the end of 1983.

In April 1983, the Third World Center held an emergency meeting where it approved a draft statement, prepared jointly with the student government’s race relations committee, calling for racial preferences and set-asides in the hiring of administrators.

“There should be someone representing Third World views in the administration,” explained Raghu Murthy,’85, who sat on the board with Michelle. (Daily Princetonian, May 6, 1983). The TWC wanted one of its board members to be given a vote and a voice in the administrative hiring process. (Daily Princetonian, September 20, 1983). Ultimately, Dean of Students Eugene Lowe caved, agreeing he would “make an effort to identify some candidates who are of Latino background.” (Daily Princetonian, September 20, 1983.)

Here, we get an idea of Michelle Robinson’s basic theory that has been incorporated into the White House, now that she has a “voice from the top,” so to speak. We now have a lady and a president that have not come from the normal working class or from a place that would help those who really need help, but rather, they came from a group closely associated with the socialistic/communistic ideology of taking other’s wealth and redistributing it to the poor. The problem here is that it does not work at all since those who wish to work hard under the Obama Administration have to give to those who do not wish to work.

Michelle Robinson Obama was educated to help third world ideas, and not the ideas of the United States. She actually created a problem where none had existed, and this can be seen even today when she comes out with all these plans on nutrition for children. Her mind set was used to promote and raise a racist charge where it seemed none had ever shown up before. This can be viewed with Michelle’s actions toward the very college that she was allowed to enter, even though her scores were not high enough for her to enter on her own. She had obtained access to this college by way of her brother’s standing, not her own. The actions by her, shown below, indicates that she had actually made a problem where none had been before she entered the college. Once again Mr. Johnson writes:

As a member of the Princeton student government’s standing committee on race relations, Michelle signed another provocative statement, recounting the history of the TWC and offering insight into its focus.

“We saw a need to address issues of race relations on a continuing basis … .We saw the need to realize that situations, issues, and problems involving race relations occur everyday.” She even helped to “organize a rally to raise the question of [minority] representation in the Dean of Students Office,” according to the statement.

The TWC bemoaned the “institutional racism” on campus and pushed for more minority students. A frequent participant in TWC events was assistant dean Delgado, who claimed that Princeton was excluding minorities from admissions or hiring on campus, presumably because of its racism.

“Sometimes the institution gives criteria which exclude certain people,” Delgado told the Daily Princetonian in December 1982 at one of the numerous TWC forums on racism. “There are only five black tenured faculty, no Chicanos, no Puerto Ricans.” (Michelle Robinson would go on to make a similar argument as a student at Harvard Law School and in her thesis.)

Unfortunately, the calls for more diversity did not extend to diversity of thought within the black Princeton community. Blacks who disagreed with the race-baiting consensus and need for agitation among the campus’s minority activists were often made to feel like “sellouts” by the TWC members, who sought to enforce a racial orthodoxy.

Once again, race was used as a weapon to increase what could not be achieved through the normal means of entrance into Princeton. Under normal entrance tests, many minorities could not pass them due to low scores. Michelle Robinson was one of those because her scores were not high enough to gain access to the school she was fighting to get more minorities in! There is a vast amount of information about Michelle Robinson Obama that can be read, and it would be to the benefit of all to read her background to get an idea of just what she does represent. It shows that she does not represent the entire people of the United States, but just the minorities. A complete reading of all the information relating to our First lady would open many people’s eyes and make them question how she got to where she did and why.

If you missed Part One, click here to read it.

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